The clauses cited herein are applicable to all entries in my blog. Individual entries won’t carry a disclaimer always unless otherwise mentioned at the end of the entry.

  • The postings on this blog are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer – present, future or past – in any conceivable way.This blog is purely personal and has no affiliation whatsoever to any individual or organizations I am/was/will be associated.
  • The views expressed herein are purely based on my opinions and needn’t be factual. In short, they are opinions, not facts and must be appreciated/dismissed as such.
  • The motive behind these posts is only to entertain the readers. I might employ subtle nuances, analogies and sarcasm to achieve this and they are not meant to offend any individual/organization.
  • Any resemblance of characters/incidents mentioned in this blog to persons, either living or dead is purely coincidental. All entries posted herein are purely works of fiction or a matter of opinion.
  • The entries posted in the thread ‘Life @ Tapmi’ are purely my experiences and perceptions of the various aspects of the 2 years I spent at TAPMI. They are solely based on my viewpoint and needn’t necessarily be factual. These entries aren’t written with the intention of maligning/praising, belittling/extolling any individual/groups of individuals. Other alumni/students/prospects/faculty of TAPMI may have different, even contradictory, opinions on these issues.
  • Opinions expressed by Guest writers are purely their own; I don’t promote, recommend or subscribe to their view points. The reason for publishing such posts on my blog is only to make the reader aware of an alternate view point different from my own or to bring to the attention of the reader, issues that I myself am not competent enough to discuss. All comments/reactions to such posts shall be directed at the Guest writer exclusively.

I hereby declare that no offense or harm is meant to any individual or organization either related or unrelated to me. Any such occurrence is inadvertent and highly coincidental.

I will take immediate remedial measures if such instances are brought to my notice.

Thank you.

Hriday Ram Shenoy


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