Announcement: Unleashing The Un-Gentleman.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This might perhaps be the last time you will get so much respect on my blog. So far, I have carefully worded my entries, used subtle nuances so as to sidestep direct assault, taken utmost care to ensure that the entries don’t seem like a slap-in-the-face and even added a page full of disclaimers to soothe angry aftermaths, if any.

Not so anymore, it is time for a total volte-face!

Introducing The Un-gentleman, the mai-baap of sarcasm, the man who redefines “direct speech”, with a whip of a tongue that cracks best when embalmed with alcohol and whose cynicism is as irresistible as women to him or alcohol to him whichever is greater… the uninhibited, the unapologetic, the unforgiving, the inebriated ……ADITYA GADIYAR!!!!

Dr Deltoid
Dr Deltoid

From now on Gadiyar will irregularly post entries on ‘topics of his interest’ 😛 under the thread ‘The Un-Gentleman’ on my blog under the nom de plume of Dr Deltoid. All the praise, encouragement, feedback, brickbats, threats, tears and any other form of emotional outburst, positive or negative, may be directed to him in the form of comments below his entries. People extremely “touched” by his writings may choose to contact him directly, at their own discretion. Having an elder member of the family close at hand, BF/GF, and considerable distance from guns, knives etc is strongly advised in case you decide to call him after realizing it is you he has targeted in his entries. As always, he has agreed to be the ‘sole proprietor’ for all the ‘assets and liabilities’ his entries might eventually generate.

All his entries will carry a ‘Parental Advisory’ or some such warning. I felt this could be a necessary complement to my otherwise decent (!!!!!) blog entries 😛 🙂

Coming shortly to a terminal near you….