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Fed up of being a Digital Nomad – by providing profiles of my various social network links for different occasions – i guess i have created a lot of confusion. Of course, not among you readers but in my own mind.

So to prevent all further confusion that you are anyway not subjected to,  I have found a single, permanent shelter for all of my digital footprint  – My Google Profile.  I thought you might not be very keen to know about my tooth extractions, ear wax removal etc so I skipped adding my Google Health profile and other such boring stuff.  Now that was thoughtful of me, wasn’t it?! 😉

And since I am not a self-proclaimed pretty girl to open up a social network account and then go on to protect/lock/restrict scrapbooks, pics, videos and almost every other facility provided, you can view all of the listed features without any  hindrance. Only, don’t try morphing any of my pics with Paris Hilton’s – cos the next time you wanna watch her videos, all you will ever think of is me… and you don’t want that, do you? 😛

I am also not paranoid about privacy and leakage of personal data because I am sensible enough to understand that what is on the web is public and the only way to keep private things private is by not putting them on any site rather than put stuff there and then lock it.  Therefore, you certainly wont see pics of me sunbathing in a skimpy swimsuit on the sunny beaches of Florida….because I haven’t been to Florida yet, you nitwit. 😀

So do enjoy all the obscure data I have mentioned in each of my profiles – like the Hebrew movie I saw last week or the snap of the  gate of the priest’s bathroom in the backyard of a church I visited while at Mysore. Better still, you might want to create a similar profile?? 😀


Opinion Poll: Adding movie reviews. Good idea or not?



Just a couple of months ago, I was of the opinion that movies and filmdom is all farce, unnecessary showiness and an avoidable waste of time, what with other hobbies like gaming, photography and reading. All this vanished when I incidentally watched movies on 2 channels – Zee Studio and UTV World Movies that shattered my earlier prejudice about cinema.


Thanks to movies like The Pianist, Snatch, The Motorcycle Diaries, The Hurricane, Seabiscuit, Dos Tipos Duros (Spanish), Hors De Prix (French), Masz na imie Justine (Polish) , Der Untergang (German), Hwal (S. Korean) and Bacheha Ae Aasman (Iranian) I am now convinced that movies are a fantastic medium for portraying human emotions, thoughts and creativity. I now average 4 hours a day on movies as against my earlier barely 4 movies a year. And I watch some of the finest cinema ever made across the world. I have even signed up on Flixster to keep a tab on the movies I have watched and you may check my list so far.


I now intend to open up a new thread on this blog: Movie Reviews – a short note on some of the best movies I have seen so far. The thread will be called ‘Seen em huh?’ (Got the pun? 😉  ) Unlike popular/notorious movie reviewers on TV channels, I won’t base my reviews on latest releases alone nor will I want to spend more time writing a review on a movie that I found horrible. But again, there is no point in writing a review of ‘Life is Beautiful’ because of its sheer popularity.


In short, I will write reviews on some of the best, not-so-mainstream movies that I personally had a great time watching – irrespective of languages and release dates. I suggest you to cast a second glance at the list I have mentioned at the beginning of para 2 and ask yourself how you fare from beginning to end of that list.  🙂


Do you think adding this thread is a good idea? Please vote.

Announcement: Following you




I have decided to follow all my friends’ blogs on Google Reader via RSS Feeds. For the benefit of the people who are still unaware of the revolution called Web 2.0, all it means is that I will now get an auto update of all your entries a few moments after you post it.


PS: Shortest blog entry so far, but took hell lot of a time to design that pic above 😛 It’s time for some dinner… crab meat, I guess 😀

All you spark plugs – I am coming to you!

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I now intend to add a new thread to my blog. Hence forth, you can expect regular entries on people who are doing something innovative, people who have moved out of the rut and decided to do something different or are doing the quotidian things differently.

The focus will be on ideas but certainly not those which are only running in a person’s mind. There should be a determined and dedicated effort towards its implementation. And yes, (s)he needn’t necessarily be successful in the effort. If I like the idea and find that the person behind it has tried to live it up, I will cover the concept and the person in my blog here.

So what could be those ideas? Anything under the sun! In one entry I might present to you a person who has discovered an amazing way to mint money by selling bun and tea at a road side stall and in the other, I might discuss the intricacies of having a tech-start up. I will also cover those who are following mundane professions but are still making a difference purely by the way they think and shape their lives by innovative ideas. And those in pursuit of such ideas could be either dedicating themselves part time of full. So the bottomline is this: innovative quotient of the idea + effort displayed by the person towards bringing it alive + commercial ingredient. All else is secondary.

For a start, I will write on some of the people I already know and will gradually radiate out. You will eventually notice that I will be tightening the ropes and paying increased focus to the bottomline already mentioned above in bold.

As a reader, critic, fan, or casual surfer of my blog, you too could help me in this effort. If you think you are yourself a spark plug (a fire-starter, so to say!) or you know of someone who is, do let me know. I will go and meet that person, casually discuss the idea and bring him/her to light! The blog entry will have his/her photograph (along with me of course) and a brief write-up about the idea.

What do you think of this concept? All your suggestions are welcome.

PS: I won’t be covering philanthropists, god men and social workers

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