Where d’ya wanna go next?

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“Hey man! I heard you can go to office in your Bermudas and floaters and take your dog along if you’re working for Google, is that right?…”

“I heard Infosys makes even MBA’s do some C++ coding! But their campus is cool, huh…”

“What is it like to be working for 3M man? Heard it was once the hub of innovation…”

“I’m sick of my profile here; what is it like to be a Relationship manager for a multinational bank? Sounds damn exciting to me!…”

“Well, I know that company doesn’t pay well, but the babes, man! You got to see them!” 😉

“With a boss like mine, I don’t need to spend on haircut – each time I talk to him, I feel like pulling my hair out!”


I bet these are some of the random thoughts that would have crossed all your minds as you hide inside your cubicle, now and then taking a sneak peak at some cricket news, Dilbert and if you are lucky, Orkut and gtalk. 😀 (And if you are luckier still, well….. 😛 )

Nope, you are not alone. After all, Gen X’ers and job satisfaction have never co-existed and young folks like you, I and your neighbor’s daughter (whom you secretly eye 😛 ) are known to change jobs at the drop of an office pin. Salary, profile, brand names, work culture, boss rapport and sometimes even things like coffee vending machine and dress code have been the reasons for changing a job from one company to another.

Just imagine how easy life would be if you could make an informed decision before jumping into another company’s cubicle. Say, for whatever reasons, you are dissatisfied with your present job and would like to know if your chances are any better in another company, another profile or a totally different industry altogether – imagine getting all these answers at the click of a mouse…


The one answer to all these answers is www.jobeehive.com. Envisaged, conceptualized and implemented by three budding tech entrepreneurs, this site has the answers you might be in need of – whether you are actually shifting, hiring or just a curious page surfer.JobeeHive Logo The JobeeHive buzz contains live experiences of employees from various companies and profiles. They comprehensively include every aspect surrounding the work life and is a fine mixture of facts and opinions. The site is currently in closed Beta (which means that you will have to first register to become a member) and has opened only some parts for unregistered users. Fortunately, the Jobeehive buzz has been magnanimously opened to all visitors and is quite a store house of information. See for yourself – click here.



You too can contribute to the JobeeHive experience and aid other curious/troubled souls like yourself by adding on to the buzz. Take 5 minutes to vent out all about your company – good, bad, ugly or pagli. The buzz is anonymous and you may optionally leave your email id if you are interested in winning the prizes given away for best surveys. And yes, that is one good way of ensuring that you get into the registered section soon! So hurry, click here to win your surprise goodies!


So the next time your boss shouts at you or you get a mail from Corporate HR insisting that you wear a necktie and a blazer despite the malfunctioning air conditioner, you know where on the www to look for. Just in case you are lazy to scroll up, here it is again 😀


Whether you are almost one leg out of your company or just bored of all the entertainment options sitting in your cubicle, you can always count on Jobeehive. So what you waiting for? Go ahead – Join the buzz!



Psst: JobeeHive is starting a blog soon to complement the site. I am the lead blogger and you may count on me to come up with some real interesting pieces on work life, office humor and other important things… like my neighbor’s daughter 😛

Will post the link on my blog. Happy JobeeHiving!



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