Honored or Belittled??

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A few days ago, I received a comment from PaGaLGuY on my entry on Tapmi hostel life. I followed the link posted on my blog and was surprised/amused to see that they had decided to use one of my photographs on their site’s notification section. I also noticed that my name, hyperlinked to my blog entry, was specifically mentioned on the very top of the page.

I soon realized that the mention wasn’t very glorious after all. For one, PaGaLGuY didn’t quite think it necessary to ask/inform me before using the snap. The article appeared on PaGaLGuY on Aug 25 and the comment appeared on my blog only on Sep 5. Even then, it was a callous intimation conveying their action of having already used the snap instead of seeking permission.

For some reason, PaGaLGuy (wrongly) assumed that a post factum mention of my name/blog URL in exchange for the usage of my snap is sufficient enough to honor me. They also (and wrongly again) assumed that I would refuse usage if asked and decided to go ahead without my prior consent.

Now I wouldn’t want to get into the legalese of such usage (I can if I want to because I clicked the snap myself and I have uploaded it on my Flickr portfolio, the very act of which reserves my IPR on the snap under the ambit of Creative Commons), but a few things seem quite funny and worth a mention.

For one, the room in the pic was the dirtiest room in the whole of TAPMI men’s hostel – sorry Ashwin and Rohan 😀 In fact it was at its ‘dirty best’ just before the final packing and that was the very reason for my shooting it. It took me a hell lot of photoshopping to get it to the form it is currently in. It is strange that such a snap went on to represent TAPMI notifications on PaGaLGuy! Ashwin, Rohan – you have made TAPMI proud and this certainly calls for a round of ‘Lime Juice’ 😛

Secondly, the hostel premise has changed and the one shown in the photograph has been occupied by another institution in Manipal. In other words, it is definitely not relevant to the future batches that will step into TAPMI. Perhaps this snap or even this would have been a better fit – and yea PaGaLGuy, it is gratis in case you wanna use it now. 😉

Lastly, we now know for sure that there is not a single TAPMIan working at PaGaLGuy. It is quite inconceivable to think of a full-blooded TAPMIan forgetting all that rigorous citing, referencing and cross referencing training; especially not after most of our assignments running into a page or two but the appendix running into 30-odd pages, full of exact references, citations, foot notes and perhaps even the fingerprints, retinal scans and butt marks of the original author, whose works we chose to use in our assignment.

Perhaps, the only imaginable benefit from this whole episode is that those keeping a tab on TAPMI updates on PaGaLGuy will now want to read my blog. They might thereby stumble upon this entry, read the rigid rules at TAPMI and freeze to their bones. Of course, with the coming of the new management at TAPMI the rules also might have changed but they won’t know that until they have read this line and by then I would have already had my fun. That is the only imaginable benefit – I will get some cheap thrills by petrifying them for a while.

And in case the rules at TAPMI haven’t changed with the coming of the new management then the TAPMI faculty may site this “improper referencing” example in class to make things all the more clearer to the next batches, if PaGaLGuy doesn’t pull off the page in a haste. 😉


PS: If and when PaGaLGuy recruits a TAPMIan (s)he may come to me for fingerprints, retinal scans and (if the interviewer is a really pretty gal) my butt prints as well 😛

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Fly from a ship (5)

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That’s the only clue I couldn’t crack in the Cryptic Crossword that appeared in The New Indian Express e-paper yesterday – Click on image to enlarge

This has been my best so far; the entire grid still eludes me. Yes, I admit I do use a few web tools for getting anagrams and filling letters of partially uncovered words but I haven’t come this far ever despite using such tools. After all, tools only aid – the cryptic has to be cracked in the mind.

Some of the clues that I have marked with an ! are really amusing. See 1 Across for example. Rearranging the letters of ‘No Women’ (Anagram) gets you ‘New Moon’ and isn’t the new moon a ‘heavenly’ body? (No pun intended 😉 ) Of course, non lateral thinkers will think the clue is sexist – and that’s the very intention, to mislead!

Another good one was 16 Down. Poet of golden study. The answer is Auden. Au is the symbol of Gold (remember class 7 chemistry?) and Den is study. So golden study = Au Den! And he is a poet!

Well, writing about cryptic crosswords also reminds me of 2 other things – 1 is a joke and the other is a book, on and by a crossword lover respectively.


Q: What did they do to the crossword solver after he was dead?

A: They put him 6 Down and 3 Across! 😀 😀


An ardent cryptic crossword lover, Sandy Balfour titled his semi-autobiographical book, “Pretty girl in crimson rose (8)”. He actually wanted to call his book ‘Rebelled’ but converted it into a cryptic crossword clue. The explanation is simple: Pretty girl is called a ‘belle’ and crimson is the color ‘Red’. Rearrange the letters of the 2 words and you get “Rebelled” and doesn’t it also match with rose (as in, “He rose with anger”)??

Well, I don’t subscribe to the print edition of TNIE and at the time of writing this entry, today’s version isn’t up yet. So I am still “clueless” about the one answer that eludes me.

Readers, what’s your best guess?


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3 for a start – but good enough to brag ;)

Two bloggers have given me a brief recommendation on their respective blogs.

Vishwas Mudagal, good friend since high school days and now co-founder of JobeeHive (for which I am now lead blogger) and blogger of Revolutionnnn….! (did I get the number of n’s right at the end, Vishwas??! 😉 ) mentions my write-up that got published in Swagath – the in-flight magazine of Air India.

Vishwas has also been generous to mention my article in the official JobeeHive Blog as well.

Ranjeet Elkunchwar, blogger of Virtual Panopticon is generous in his praise for my write-ups. A screenshot of his blog entry is seen below.

Thanks Vishwas and Ranjeet for the mention. Am glad you like my work and found it worth recommending.