CAT Race: The MBA story

MBA is a much sought-after career path these days in India. With over 2 lakh students appearing for the Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by the IIMs every year, MBA is what most graduates aspire to take up irrespective of their backgrounds.

There is a glut of info these days; from online forums to coaching centers in every street, an aspirant has no dearth of know-how.  But the excess can be quite daunting to a first-timer and might mean spending a lot of time scouting through too many forums and talking to too many people to decide on the next step. 

I had the opposite problem way back in 2004 when I embarked on a similar journey – too less info. I always felt that if there was one guide, one source that would not only explain the key facts but would also provide experiential insights into the entire journey in a fun, easy-to-read format, that would be the best possible way to know everything about CAT and MBA. Surprisingly, despite the excessive demand, I found no such source then; and I find no such source even now.

So I went ahead and wrote one – CAT Race, a novel on CAT and MBA admissions that tells you all the key facts, in the form of a nice story. At 160 pages, you can finish this in 2 hours and at the end of it you will have a good idea on what you should do next. Unlike other boring instructional sites, this one is fun to read, easy to understand and gives you an experiential insight into the various sections of CAT – the verbals, the quants, the logical section, data interpretation, group discussion and personal interview. From beginning to end, it weaves the various steps necessary to crack CAT into the story and sets you on the right path.

Will it ensure your admission into the IIMs? Of course not! Will it replace all the coaching or study material provided by the top coaching institutes? Never. It is definitely not a magic charm or even a map to success in CAT. At best, it could be considered as a sign-board that points you in the right direction and gets you started. After reading this, you will be clear about what to do next and how to go about doing it.

The story is set in Manipal and for students shortlisted by TAPMI, this one would definitely help. Of course, the novel only talks about pre-admission sequences at TAPMI and won’t be a Life @ Tapmi guide but Manipal remains the same. So the novel also doubles as a mini-guide for the various “charms and attractions” of Manipal. If you plan to make a jump-start on that side of your eventual enrollment, hit the buy button on Amazon already!

See this 82 sec video and give the book a try. Check the links below for more info on reviews and buying options.

Purchase: Amazon | Flipkart | ShopClues | Infibeam | Kindle | GooglePlay 

Info:  Manipalblog ReviewFacebook reviews | Goodreads Reviews | Amazon Reviews | Official Website

If you have ever been involved with the MBA journey, been a student going through the indecision and confusions of student-life, you will love this novel. This is as much a story of reliving your college life as it is for starting your MBA journey, depending on where you are in life.

I’d love to hear your comments and reviews. Do let me know what you think, on the review sites listed above or on this blog post. Get ready for the rat race called CAT!



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