Look who is tempting us with an apple again

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Say NO to iPad

It was in my second year of engineering that I fell in love. The internet was a growing phenomenon and fascinated me no end. So I enrolled myself for a web designing course and it was here that we first met. Soon I started spending more and more time with this new found love and since then, not a day has passed by without my expressing, in some way, my sheer fascination of it all. It is called Flash.

Now, apologies for all that melodrama in the above paragraph but if you do manage to get to the end of this entry, you might probably agree with my calling it so. If you think this is too long a note, please read the last line and that should do. 🙂

When I began learning Flash, it belonged to a less known company called Macromedia – in fact they created the product. What fascinated me as much as the product itself was Macromedia Flash’s awe-inspiring credo: What the web can be. That one sentence said a lot – about the company, its dreams, its potential and about the product Flash. And it did live up to that credo and if you are a guy/gal who has learned web designing the good old way starting with HTML coding on notepad, then moving on to Javascripting and then Flash, you will certainly appreciate the overwhelming ease and interactivity that Flash brought to the web. Remember, we are talking early 2002 here.

By the end of my 4th year, Macromedia was acquired by competitor Adobe and along with it went Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks to Adobe’s kitty which had but one feather in its cap thus far – Photoshop. And Adobe did take Flash to heights unimagined. Soon every website was being designed in Flash, college students did their presentations, even resumes in Flash, most front ends and UI designers bragged about their Flash skills so much so that even HTML itself was used to a bare minimum and that too, only to embed Flash files on web pages.

The rest is history. Adobe kept the show going and made the dream-like credo, “What the web can be” a perpetually improving and pleasing reality. With their vast repertoire of heavenly fonts, video rendering functions etc, the web became the beautiful, lovely and aesthetic place it is today that you and I enjoy. The games, the videos, the glossy animations and all other media rich content kept coming in and Flash made it possible without ever declaring or worrying that behind all that magic there was a product that most laymen didn’t even knew existed or bothered to acknowledge.

In its advancement, never did Adobe restrict any other technology or device. With a credo like that to keep up with, one couldn’t; one wouldn’t. Be it PHP, AJAX or even devices like smartphones, Flash merged seamlessly to provide the unique experience it did on the web. What’s more, Adobe added cross functionality across its own product range and the magic of desktop design products like Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop could now flow in and out of Flash, making the web the far cry it is today from the days of HTML.

Without ever ruthlessly aiming for market domination at the expense of other technologies that improved the web and forever providing fantastic updates radically different from previous releases, first Macromedia and now Adobe, through Flash, made the web a lovelier, easier, pleasanter, richer and the most delightful experience it is today.

And today, one bearded son of a bitch dares to belittle this relentless and almost selfless contribution to the web by saying Adobe is headed to the grave. Just because he has had some market attention in the past 3 years and has sold a few million devices. That sob is Steve Jobs and hey it rhymes!

I have nothing against Apple devices – they are superb. The form-factor is lovely, the screen rendition amazing…in fact, the very things that Adobe and Flash stand for – beauty. Despite being a die-hard Google fan, I would kill for iPhone 4 and not the Nexus one. I also appreciate the fluidity of MAC OS and the utility of other devices like iMac, Time Capsule etc.

What I am against is the philosophy the company stands for which is evident in its actions: to cut down all others and promote only self interest, ethically or otherwise. More so, otherwise. Today’s declaration of Jobs sending ‘Adobe to the grave and that they have enjoyed their summer’ reeks of just that not to mention, a disregard to a great contributor to the web and allied technology and above all, to Beauty.

The mere act of iDevices not supporting Flash doesn’t spell doom for it; there are others that collectively outnumber Apple. But I dislike the spirit of not supporting Flash. It seems every 3 seconds someone is now buying the iPad. And that means every 3 seconds, someone is disregarding and forgetting all the beauty that Flash imparted to the web.

I for one am not buying the iPad. And if you consider yourself an admirer of beauty, a designer, an artist, a promoter of free thinking and to say the least a person who is grateful – you shouldn’t either.

It comes as no surprise that the last time someone tempted Mankind, it was with an Apple. And even today Satan is always dressed in black.

Say no to iPad.

PS: If you aren’t convinced about the last line, I’d certainly encourage you to read a more detailed explanation of the rationale. It has nothing to do with technology, it is simply a question of the mindset. Read more here


8 thoughts on “Look who is tempting us with an apple again

  1. well i totally agree with saying o to ipad and people follow crazy things for showing off their things like girls new bad from gucci..so whats up with usual laptops…
    or girls wont kiss us lack of ipad..

    1. Thanks Cap’n Hook – glad you agree. Yea, we need a better reason than iPad to get admired and loved i guess 🙂

      BTW, what i meant from it all was that Apple isnt in a very sporting spirit when it says Flash is prehistoric. Do read my latest post – It took me four – to understand better.

  2. I wanted to buy the iPad, it would have been my first apple product but the only thing stopping me is my lack of confidence in 1st generation gadgets! I believe it is a useful product to own or maybe I’ll just buy the Dell Streak …

    I’m not bothered by those who advocate and battle out for or against ‘open source’, android, *google fangirl* … if it fits your needs and you can afford it, go for it even if it a fruit! The think-tank behind apple is successful to say the least and of course from what I’ve seen the product owners are fairly intelligent so I’m sure they find ways to get around limitations or learn to live with it!

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