MIT EnC 2k4 ReU.

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It took 6 long years for the MIT Batch 2004, Electronics and Communication folks to decide that a reunion was quite essential to catch up for old times’ sake. The need for having a reunion, keeping up with staunch MIT tradition, was felt in a bar. If you didn’t know, DownTown in Manipal has been the single biggest hub for some terrific brainstorms ranging from the simple ‘How do I propose to that girl’ to the very innovative ‘Can rickshaws be used as fireworks’… but I digress. 😀

When Ajay “Ghee Roast” Pai, Raghavendra “Stock Broker” Shenoy and I got together at a sea food specialty bar and restaurant in Bangalore, the only thing that flowed more than pomphret tandoor and squid pepper fry was the conversation about the good old MIT days – the gals, the profs and their antics, the scandals, the ‘big red text book’, the jokes and whatnot. At the end of it all, the three of us were thoroughly convinced we need a Reunion.

Facebook proved handy and a few like-minded people immediately liked the idea, notably Pradeep ‘Im-getting-married’ Pai and Sneha ‘Software Engineer’ HS. After the finalization of the date, time and venue a Facebook event was created and each of us started inviting mates we were in touch with.  Midway through it we realized we had made a mistake – the Americans and the Australians and the other globetrotters who were profusely overactive on Facebook would certainly not attend the ReU. And those who were in Bangalore and likely to attend were inactive on Facebook. So we decided to adopt some outdated technology and call up the guys in Bangalore informing them about the ReU.

Soon we had a quorum and the D-day arrived. There were 17.58 of us in all – I say this because one of the attendees had ‘to attend 2 other parties that night’ and left early so she contributed only 0.33 of her presence and yet another spent such a long time on her make-up (and blamed some non-existent traffic jam later) that she was present for only the last 25% of the ReU. Oh yes, 2 others did leave early but then they were married guys so I guess their excuse made sense 😉

Pic Courtesy: Sneha HS

When all of us were settled, we decided to go ahead with the food. For making it easy and quick we requested Marvin ‘Melbourne’ DSouza to order for all of us. He promptly agreed but took almost a minute just to order French fries – ‘is it deep fried?’, ‘what about the sauce, green or red?’, ‘how big are the bowls?’ etc. For the main course, he decided to make it real fast by writing down all our orders on paper. The hotel staff ran around to get some plain paper and everyone placed orders and then retraced and placed new ones and added side dishes and ordered more helpings and cancelled everything and began all over again…at the end of which the paper looked nothing short of an ordie paper where the guy has made a desperate attempt to hit the magic 15 + 35 total.

Then began the introductions – name, company, status and post MIT experiences. The cross questionings were hilarious but I won’t list them down here as I agree with Suraj ‘Not Infy. SAP’ Shenoy that “those who skipped the ReU have to lose out on something”. For the toned down, sane version of the intros, you can check my FB videos 😉 There were also prof imitations and hostel life discussions which was fun.

Finally it was time to say goodbye. A last attempt at kicking one chap’s ass just for kicks failed miserably. It was strongly suggested that we meet once every year and some really enthusiastic ones preferred once every three months. We departed only to see that many were uploading pics and messages about the ReU on Facebook.

So for all those who made it to the ReU, it was great wasn’t it? And for all those who didn’t, too bad. Next time. If there is one. 😉


3 thoughts on “MIT EnC 2k4 ReU.

  1. Its weird..I just happened to read this after having looked through my school reunion snaps !! Awesome !! I really like the “branding” 🙂

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