Flip Mino HD – Vblogs soon.

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I developed a fascination for the Flip Mino in the middle of 2008, when this was being touted on all the tech blogs as the one that will revolutionize our already over revolutionized digital age. Amazon wouldn’t deliver this outside of the US and it would take quite a while for Flip to consider marketing in India (in fact, it isn’t available in India yet. Just bragging.)

Fortunately by December 08, 2 ladies agreed to pick this up for me in the US and hand-deliver it while they arrived in Bangalore. I now had to take the chance of guessing which one of the two would arrive sooner. And as with all things that could ever be ‘guessed’ with ladies, here I am writing this blog entry on my possession of the Flip Mino HD, a good 7 months later 😀

In this time, Flip has been bought over by Cisco, cheaper and better alternatives like the Kodak Zi6 are now available and the dream of being one of the first to possess the FM-HD in India was also shattered when the package was unceremoniously dropped at my aunt’s place, thereby making her precede me in its possession!

Flip Mino HD, as the name suggests, records HD video on an in-built, non-expandable 4GB memory that amounts to 60 min of record time. The one thing that stands out about the cam, justifying the $250 price tag, is its simplicity of usage – no 100+ pages of manuals to read, batteries to charge and precautions to take. At the press of a button, a USB connector flips open and you can begin charging by connecting it to your PC. The software that helps you manage and upload videos, Flip Share, is loaded in the cam itself and prompts for an installation on first connect.  It is shaped like a mobile phone so it is very portable and maintenance free. There are the few basic buttons and unless you dropped straight out of Stone Age today morning, the operation of the cam is intuitive. The quality of the recordings is superb – in fact better than what you actually see with your eyes.

A few accessories come along with the standard equipment – a wrist strap that could be passed on for a platinum necklace, a pouch that looks and feels like a Hollywood hottie’s satin underwear and an AV cable to connect to the TV that looks exactly what it should look like.

I intend to begin Video blogging soon and put this cam to good use. Topics and suggestions welcome.

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