The Love of my Life

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The title would inspire most people to think of a person; few and far are those who would think of an object or animal. And I don’t know what to say for myself as I fall in neither of these categories. 😛  And without taking you on a wild chicken chase like i did here (I love chicken more than goose, you see 😉  ) I candidly declare that the love of my life is – The Afternoon Nap!

The beginning of this habit is lost in slumberous obscurity and I myself can’t recollect when I compulsively fell in love with this habit of catching forty thousand winks in the afternoons. I am known to have slept through most afternoons even during my Class X Board exam prep holidays, much to my parents’ chagrin. At Boarding School, neither class XII Chemistry nor Hindi made any difference in my sleep patterns but yes, Chemistry was a far better soporific than Hindi 😛

It was in fact my afternoon nap that helped me choose my career path. Physics, Chemistry and Math papers of the Karnataka State CET were all scheduled for the morning on different days and only Biology was in the afternoon session. Had it been Math in the afternoon, I would have ended up being a doctor today! And I am proud of my choice because sleeping in Operation Theaters and Dissection Halls of Medical Colleges is far more complicated than sleeping in Air conditioned C++ Lab and Digital Electronics Lab of Engineering Colleges.

The first thing I did after getting into the engineering college hostel was to paste black paper on all the window panes. The room was pitch dark and when I woke up in the night, I sometimes thought I had gone blind because there was no difference between keeping the eyes open or shut. I would skip anything if it clashed with my afternoon nap except perhaps exams. ‘Afternoon Nap’ would even figure on my timetables which I prepared during critical times and irrespective of whether other items in the timetable were on track or not, this one thing would strictly be followed so that at night when I went to bed for more sleep, I had the satisfaction of having followed at least some part of the timetable religiously.

As I said, I permitted nothing to come in between me and my afternoon nap. 2 pm on the clock and i would drop everything … hey it is 2 pm! 😉

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5 thoughts on “The Love of my Life

    1. @laxminarayana-

      Am glad you can see the “message being carried” in this blog. Happy for you. The message however continues to elude me 😀 😀

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