Trivia Quiz: Unreal Heroes, Unforgettable Appeal



If you have enjoyed reading any or all of the fictional characters mentioned in my previous entry titledUnreal Heroes, Unforgettable Appeal‘, you might want to try your hand at this Trivia Quiz that I compiled. Answer them without Googling or opening the book itself. They are not obscure facts but they are certainly not lame sitters. 

Post your answers as comments below. I don’t expect you to get all of them right, especially the ! marked ones     😛   😛

 Trivia Quiz:

  1. What is George’s surname in ‘The Famous Five’ series?
  2. Rastapopoulous is a recurring villainous character in Tintin. What is his (non villainous) profession?
  3. In Tinkle, what is the name of the peacock that appears in ‘Kalia the crow’ stories?
  4. What is Jughead’s younger sister’s nickname?
  5.  What is the name of the motorboat owned by Hardy Boys?
  6.  Hercule Poirot frequently employs the services of an expensive but effective person who gets the information he seeks by pretending to collect census and usage data. Name him.  !       😛
  7. What is the Roman currency often mentioned in Asterix series? !
  8. The Maharaja of which fictional Indian city hosts Tintin in one of his adventures? !     😮
  9. Poirot has a little-known brother who very much resembles him but for one significant feature. What is it?
  10. Nancy Drew title: “The Clue of the Dancing _____________”. Fill the blank. 

So how many did you get??     😀




4 thoughts on “Trivia Quiz: Unreal Heroes, Unforgettable Appeal

  1. 1
    2 no idea but wild guess would be — manufactures olive oil
    3 remember only chamataka and doob doob
    6 do not recollect any such character
    7 sovereigns
    8 wild guess again – Serampore
    10 Never read Nancy drew but just to take a shot ” monk”

    1. @gadiyar-

      Not bad! To see which ones you got right, see your own comment above. The right answers have been edited off so that others dont build on it. 😀

  2. @ Arby K-

    That was good man. you got 5 right. It’s great you got Q8 correct. I always used to imagine a cow in nightdress 😀

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