Opinion Poll: Adding movie reviews. Good idea or not?



Just a couple of months ago, I was of the opinion that movies and filmdom is all farce, unnecessary showiness and an avoidable waste of time, what with other hobbies like gaming, photography and reading. All this vanished when I incidentally watched movies on 2 channels – Zee Studio and UTV World Movies that shattered my earlier prejudice about cinema.


Thanks to movies like The Pianist, Snatch, The Motorcycle Diaries, The Hurricane, Seabiscuit, Dos Tipos Duros (Spanish), Hors De Prix (French), Masz na imie Justine (Polish) , Der Untergang (German), Hwal (S. Korean) and Bacheha Ae Aasman (Iranian) I am now convinced that movies are a fantastic medium for portraying human emotions, thoughts and creativity. I now average 4 hours a day on movies as against my earlier barely 4 movies a year. And I watch some of the finest cinema ever made across the world. I have even signed up on Flixster to keep a tab on the movies I have watched and you may check my list so far.


I now intend to open up a new thread on this blog: Movie Reviews – a short note on some of the best movies I have seen so far. The thread will be called ‘Seen em huh?’ (Got the pun? 😉  ) Unlike popular/notorious movie reviewers on TV channels, I won’t base my reviews on latest releases alone nor will I want to spend more time writing a review on a movie that I found horrible. But again, there is no point in writing a review of ‘Life is Beautiful’ because of its sheer popularity.


In short, I will write reviews on some of the best, not-so-mainstream movies that I personally had a great time watching – irrespective of languages and release dates. I suggest you to cast a second glance at the list I have mentioned at the beginning of para 2 and ask yourself how you fare from beginning to end of that list.  🙂


Do you think adding this thread is a good idea? Please vote.


5 thoughts on “Opinion Poll: Adding movie reviews. Good idea or not?

  1. Even I like the movies on UTV and world movies…have seen a couple of the ones you mentioned in ur post…some are really gud…

  2. Dude great move………….if you need any help with regards to any quirky off beat non mainstream movies i am more than willing to help out.

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