Announcement: Following you




I have decided to follow all my friends’ blogs on Google Reader via RSS Feeds. For the benefit of the people who are still unaware of the revolution called Web 2.0, all it means is that I will now get an auto update of all your entries a few moments after you post it.


PS: Shortest blog entry so far, but took hell lot of a time to design that pic above 😛 It’s time for some dinner… crab meat, I guess 😀


9 thoughts on “Announcement: Following you

  1. HRS..thanks mate ! What happens when I leave a comment on your blog though :)…

    Anyways….ala Nana Patekar in Ab Tak Chappan….
    “Kya re tum South Indian log, kaise spell karte hai….likho Ranjeet….not Ranjith “..


    1. When you leave a comment on my blog, it has a high chance of getting approved 😉

      Anyways, ala myself ‘Kya re tum North Indian log, ek hi naam ka kitna spelling rakhta hai?’

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