Da In-VINCI-ble Code! :D

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I have blogged a couple of times earlier that I subscribe to a tiffin service that is door-delivered to me on weekends. The food is really good and is delivered piping hot. The boys and the lady who manage the enterprise are very amiable folks.

Two days ago, I was busy playing a round of Quake 4 on my PC and after shooting down a few hundred stroggs with my lethal Nail Gun , I was really ravenous. The tiffin arrived promptly with this note that is to be interpreted as the bill for the past few orders.

See pic below – click to enlarge.



Though I am an avid cryptic crossword solver, I was quite shaken by the complexity of the “crypts” in this bill. 😀 Thankfully the first word ‘Egg’ made sense as it was the only word spelt correctly.

I am challenging all my readers to break the code on line 2 against the number 40 and below the ‘Egg <whatever>’. To me it looks like “Boonbus” but I really don’t remember having consumed anything remotely like that. I am now wondering what was served. I wouldn’t have been half as surprised if “Giraffe meat” was mentioned in that row but Boonbus really gives me the creeps.

I request readers, cryptologists, crossword solvers and Dan Brown fans to try their luck at decrypting this and kindly let me know what I had for lunch on the fateful afternoon of 31 Jan 😉

Oh! And as a clue to help you start with, let me tell you that the item on line 3 against the number 30 <savathe nadan> is actually “South Indian”!!! Now, that should give you some yardstick to bank on while working your brains on the code on line 2. 😀 😀 

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7 thoughts on “Da In-VINCI-ble Code! :D

  1. Wow man this guy is really creative……..looking at his handwriting i am wondering if he is a doctor in part time. Anyway i think the word closest resembles the follg items
    1 Bombay duck
    2 Biryani
    3 Boondi raitha
    4 Breads
    5 Boobs/Booze

    If its option 5 give me this fellows number i would like to enlist his services as well

  2. @ gadiyar,

    All are wrong – i didnt have any, esp 5 😉

    @ Arby K,

    I didnt have bread – i ate rice and chapatis that day and it was billed together with the egg.


    No – i didnt have bulls-eye either

  3. Actually the one dated 1/2/09 struck me….it looks like Savitha Madam….you ate some thing with that as a name….who is she….????

    About the B word it looks like Bananas but bababa’s worth 40 Bucks….lord you mus be really hungry…

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