All you spark plugs – I am coming to you!

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I now intend to add a new thread to my blog. Hence forth, you can expect regular entries on people who are doing something innovative, people who have moved out of the rut and decided to do something different or are doing the quotidian things differently.

The focus will be on ideas but certainly not those which are only running in a person’s mind. There should be a determined and dedicated effort towards its implementation. And yes, (s)he needn’t necessarily be successful in the effort. If I like the idea and find that the person behind it has tried to live it up, I will cover the concept and the person in my blog here.

So what could be those ideas? Anything under the sun! In one entry I might present to you a person who has discovered an amazing way to mint money by selling bun and tea at a road side stall and in the other, I might discuss the intricacies of having a tech-start up. I will also cover those who are following mundane professions but are still making a difference purely by the way they think and shape their lives by innovative ideas. And those in pursuit of such ideas could be either dedicating themselves part time of full. So the bottomline is this: innovative quotient of the idea + effort displayed by the person towards bringing it alive + commercial ingredient. All else is secondary.

For a start, I will write on some of the people I already know and will gradually radiate out. You will eventually notice that I will be tightening the ropes and paying increased focus to the bottomline already mentioned above in bold.

As a reader, critic, fan, or casual surfer of my blog, you too could help me in this effort. If you think you are yourself a spark plug (a fire-starter, so to say!) or you know of someone who is, do let me know. I will go and meet that person, casually discuss the idea and bring him/her to light! The blog entry will have his/her photograph (along with me of course) and a brief write-up about the idea.

What do you think of this concept? All your suggestions are welcome.

PS: I won’t be covering philanthropists, god men and social workers

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7 thoughts on “All you spark plugs – I am coming to you!

  1. Hello Bhaiya,

    It’s really a great idea. where we can also know or match the peoples idea. and work if we can on ideas. the great way of networking. i really appreciate that u have taken this move.

  2. Fantastic Idea…I agree with Balesh…infact, on a serious note, why dont u start writing a weekly column in some newspaper like say Bangalore mirror?

  3. @ Pulkit, Balesh, rt, snippets-

    Thanks for the encouragement. glad you like it.

    @ Hormuzdiar-

    Thats a good idea. Even i thought about it. But i am trying to get away from the print media and move online full-time. But i have an old affinity towards print as i began with it so i might just try it.

    @ gadiyar-
    U serious? Or was this comment posted in “gudan garam” induced spirit? 😉

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