Fly from a ship (5)

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That’s the only clue I couldn’t crack in the Cryptic Crossword that appeared in The New Indian Express e-paper yesterday – Click on image to enlarge

This has been my best so far; the entire grid still eludes me. Yes, I admit I do use a few web tools for getting anagrams and filling letters of partially uncovered words but I haven’t come this far ever despite using such tools. After all, tools only aid – the cryptic has to be cracked in the mind.

Some of the clues that I have marked with an ! are really amusing. See 1 Across for example. Rearranging the letters of ‘No Women’ (Anagram) gets you ‘New Moon’ and isn’t the new moon a ‘heavenly’ body? (No pun intended 😉 ) Of course, non lateral thinkers will think the clue is sexist – and that’s the very intention, to mislead!

Another good one was 16 Down. Poet of golden study. The answer is Auden. Au is the symbol of Gold (remember class 7 chemistry?) and Den is study. So golden study = Au Den! And he is a poet!

Well, writing about cryptic crosswords also reminds me of 2 other things – 1 is a joke and the other is a book, on and by a crossword lover respectively.


Q: What did they do to the crossword solver after he was dead?

A: They put him 6 Down and 3 Across! 😀 😀


An ardent cryptic crossword lover, Sandy Balfour titled his semi-autobiographical book, “Pretty girl in crimson rose (8)”. He actually wanted to call his book ‘Rebelled’ but converted it into a cryptic crossword clue. The explanation is simple: Pretty girl is called a ‘belle’ and crimson is the color ‘Red’. Rearrange the letters of the 2 words and you get “Rebelled” and doesn’t it also match with rose (as in, “He rose with anger”)??

Well, I don’t subscribe to the print edition of TNIE and at the time of writing this entry, today’s version isn’t up yet. So I am still “clueless” about the one answer that eludes me.

Readers, what’s your best guess?


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3 thoughts on “Fly from a ship (5)

  1. @RZD-

    Well done! I just didnt get this one. And like all clues, this looks dead simple…after getting the answer!

    So i didnt know u into cryptics! Since when?

  2. dude dats some ripping stuff……………loved reading it though you know dislike crosswords and their like………..looking fwd to some more entries on tapmi or actual experiences……………….how bout writing on the staircase conversations when me and rohan were heavily under influence………..hehe……….we sure discussed a load of crap

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