3 for a start – but good enough to brag ;)

Two bloggers have given me a brief recommendation on their respective blogs.

Vishwas Mudagal, good friend since high school days and now co-founder of JobeeHive (for which I am now lead blogger) and blogger of Revolutionnnn….! (did I get the number of n’s right at the end, Vishwas??! 😉 ) mentions my write-up that got published in Swagath – the in-flight magazine of Air India.

Vishwas has also been generous to mention my article in the official JobeeHive Blog as well.

Ranjeet Elkunchwar, blogger of Virtual Panopticon is generous in his praise for my write-ups. A screenshot of his blog entry is seen below.

Thanks Vishwas and Ranjeet for the mention. Am glad you like my work and found it worth recommending.


4 thoughts on “3 for a start – but good enough to brag ;)

Add yours

  1. @ Vishwas-

    Yes. Sorry i didnt list that. Entry edited to accommodate JobeeHive official blog as well 🙂

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