One inky black night…

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It’s 9 PM. Darkness has crept in and the cold January wind is at its freezing worst as I walk all alone on the deserted street, hands tucked tightly in my pocket.Inky Black Night

Not quite familiar with the street, I amble on uncertainly until I see the faint glow of a porch bulb on an otherwise pitch black street. I check the address that she had sms-ed me on my mobile phone before entering. I am right. This is the place.

I knock and the door opens instantaneously. She looks beautiful – a slight trace of lipstick, neatly done eyebrows and a lovely cascade of long hair, almost as dark and magical as the night itself.

“I almost gave up on you. Thought you might never turn up”, says she.

“Uh…well. Sorry I guess I am quite late”, I mutter a nervous apology.

“I normally don’t wait for my customers. Please don’t be late again”.


“Looks like this is your first time, huh?” she asks with a naughty twinkle in her eye.

“Yes…” I blush.

“Don’t worry. I will take good care of you. But I hope you know my charges. They are higher than a few others in my profession. Hope you are ok with it”.

“Yeah, as long as you are good, I don’t mind it”.

“Ok. Cool. So shall we begin?”


“You seem to be in a hurry to get done with it. Don’t worry, that’s how all first timers are”, she winks and flashes a smile as I remain speechless.

“Fine get comfortable on it”, she beckons to a recliner and I do as I am told.


After 30 min

“Yeah. So tell me. Was I as good as you thought?”

“Certainly. I will surely remember you the next time, just in case.”

“Thanks. But please take an appointment with my secretary a week in advance and arrive on time. And, do take good care of your teeth. I suggest you floss regularly. I just filled up a cavity so go easy with your teeth for 2 days and avoid eating hard stuff”, she advised.

“Thank you doctor, I’ll remember that”, said I and walked out of her clinic into the inky black night. 😉

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9 thoughts on “One inky black night…

  1. Sorry dude this one was quiet predictable.Caught on to it from the first sentence.even managed to get the dentist part right.Sorry bro cudnt see much imagination in this one.

  2. somehow all my frenz get gorgeous women when they have tooth problem… my luck doessnot seem to favor when it comes to that… newayz, i guess it was a good way to vent your frustration (by wishful thinking)

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