There are only 2 kinds of people in TAPMI….

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…those who are in Litcom and those who aren’t!

Litcom – the revered and adored abbreviation for The Literary Committee is one of the most talked-about, sought after and highly discussed extra-curricular student committee of TAPMI. It is the first committee to actually invite junie applicants at the beginning of the year and flag off the extra-curricular activities of TAPMI with its magnum opus – ‘Episode’, the cynosure of all eyes.

No one can describe what ‘Episode’ is. It is like the matrix, it has to be experienced. But rest assured, it is the most involving and highly motivating event that all TAPMIans will always cherish. Ask any alumni about what (s)he remembers most about TAPMI and you suddenly hear a dreamy-eyed, nostalgic utterance – “Episode”.

Litcom is the committee that conducts this iconic event and has a cult following across batches. The event is so hallowed that it takes more than mere mortals to put it together. It is small wonder then that all the Litcom members are called “The LitGods”.

Unfortunately everyone can’t aspire to be a God, or for that matter a Goddess. The best 2 junie guys and the best junie gal have this privileged distinction every year. Within minutes after your selection as a LitGod, the whole college knows your name and bio-data. Senies queue up for your intro because not even a dozen of them put together will wield as much power as you would singly. And forget about the chicks in your own batch (and a lot many in the senie batch 😉 ); it is just a side-effect of greater things in your way.

Apart from the very aura of Litcom, you also have other benefits. Litcom is responsible for some of the most thought-provoking and defining events during all major activities in TAPMI – nothing works without Litcom and its benevolent involvement. To add to the power imbalance, Litcom also has one of the biggest budgets. And what’s more, when other committees are meticulously questioned about their annual spend (which is peanuts anyways) and often criticized, Litcom stays unquestionably sacrosanct. No one doubts a LitGod.

So are you going to try and be a LitGod or settle for something merely mortal?

PS: This entry is directed at the prospective 2008-10 batch of TAPMI. For the others, the facts mentioned herein might be obvious truths. 😉 😛

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14 thoughts on “There are only 2 kinds of people in TAPMI….

  1. Boss, high time you come out of the dream you are living in for last 2-3 years… When you assumed the self proclaimed title of ‘Lit-GODs’ scores of us used to sit in our rooms and discuss a lot of things about the ‘Lit-D**s’

    I expected to read something about some Litcom you must have started in your company… Give us something more interesting man!


  2. @ RPS and Sazeal-

    Your comments were quite expected! So scores of you guys used to discuss about us in your rooms huh!!!! hahahahaha

    I have now added a postscript to the entry which you might want to read! 😛

  3. Nice publicity of LitCom man, but as a God u have missed some ground realities as not everything posted here is “obvious” and certainly not “truth” 😛

    A gud read for Junies but u cud hv dn btr

  4. So sad that litgods have to subject themselves to this level of depravity to attract future talent……..tsk tsk…………..i am sure the bloody fights during “SPEED” are much more in peoples memories

  5. @ gadiyar-

    SPEED????! what is that??? 😉

    Oh! the one where you got a t-shirt designed frm me for a cool 1000 bucks??!!! whoa, i do wish i get more such “SPEEDY” offers! 😛 😉

  6. If i remember correctly, a good samaritan once stated “… if L & D was a branch, and if Dumb Charades, Speed Quiz, Mock Press were all subjects, how interesting would life have been…”

    College was so fun filled, IMHO, because of these occassions.

  7. nothing works without Litcom?? (please define ‘nothing’ hriday- such statements are meant for loggies to make, not neone else).
    unquestioned sacrosanct budgets?? ask ur junies how they got interface printed this time.
    u seem to be living in a world of ur own. hriday i knw ur love for litcom but dude u dont need to sound THAT desperate. i have very fond memories of episode and i certainly don’t want to associate this post with them!!

  8. @ Manish Vidhani

    Kindly read the disclaimer, esp the one specifically written for ‘Life @ TAPMI’.

  9. You know what, till the end I kept thinking you are probably joking about the thought-provoking LitCom. Oh no, erstwhile LitGod, you are actually serious!

    I know you have a disclaimer and all that – but this time you have been funny without intending to be so. Congrats!

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