Things not to do while at TAPMI

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To the uninitiated, it might look like starting on the wrong foot – to talk about what not to do before even knowing what to do. But all the alumni know otherwise. So yet-to-be’s, read on and remember to remember a few of these if not all.

Click on the snap above to see a pic of the classroom
  • Forget the cell-phones: If you are addicted to cell phones, TAPMI will be a great de-addiction center for you. Usage of cell phones is banned in classrooms, labs and other academic centers. And the microphones in the classrooms are very sensitive and can pick up even the faintest vibrations. So try not to risk it as the penalty could be as grave as immediate termination of admission. Switch them off for good while in class, library or lab.

  • Cite or Die: Don’t forget to cite exact sources when you turn in your assignments. You will undergo a course on citations and referencing to help you understand the intricacies. You are not expected to generate the brainiest stuff all by yourself but do give appropriate credit to the one who actually does, if you use that in some way. The bottom line is, never pass of any intellectual output as your own, when it isn’t actually so.

  • Copying isn’t cool: This could be considered an extension of the plagiarism tenet explained above because when you are copying, you are passing someone else’s intellectual output as your own for personal benefit. Better get an F in the course than risk the consequences of copying. And no, you can’t copy the entire answer from your neighbor, cite his name in full, roll no etc at the end of it and expect to get away. Seven people in my batch were on the brink of expulsion for copying but the management took a ‘lenient’ stance after repeated requests from the batch – they barred the seven from placements!

  • Cheat and you face the heat: You might think you are smart enough to beat the system because you flicked a library book and no one detected or you faked the gym pass and went unnoticed. Fine, you are smart but only for a while. And when lady luck says goodbye it will be your turn to say goodbye and catch the next train home.

Rationale: You might think these punishments are grossly incommensurate to the degree of default but TAPMI’s stance on this is simple: Misappropriating a rupee is equivalent to misappropriating a million dollars because it is not the amount that is of concern but the tendency. The institute doesn’t want to send fraudsters into the corporate world.

Statutory warning: Your voluntary confession of any of your sins to the authorities doesn’t mitigate the penalty and will be held against you.


PS: My ‘more experienced batch mates’ or any others from the TAPMI alumni fraternity might want to add on to this list. Feel free to post them as comments. 😉

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51 thoughts on “Things not to do while at TAPMI

  1. great blog!!…

    are you actually serious about the part where your batchmates weren’t allowed to sit for placements because of something as trivial as copying?!?!
    ok.. not trivial but placements!!

  2. Hey HRS..

    good set of Blogs.. Tell me with all the decency and good “methodology” what is it that prevents TAPMI in coming in top 10 I mean the ranking of TAPMI do not reflect the potential which most of the folks say

  3. @Nitesh Agrawal a.k.a 2 b or not 2 be @ TAPMI –

    Nitesh, if i were to minus all your sarcasm and look at your comment objectively, paying attention to the name you have chosen while posting, i think you need help. So i decided to overlook your “sense of humor” and the not-so-good “methodology” you have followed while posting your last comment and you have my frank opinions below. Hope it helps you. 😉

    Coming to the point, TAPMI has 2 major disadvantages – 1. Location and 2. Campus.

    1.Some colleges in Mumbai or Delhi might have an edge over TAPMI purely because of the location. Companies are reluctant to come to a little-known place like Manipal. This could be a reason for lower ranking as placements influence ranking. I am not saying placements r bad at TAPMI but it would have been much better if TAPMI were to be in Mumbai or Bangalore.

    2. TAPMI is now in the final stages of constructing its new campus. Prior to this, the academic building, boys’ hostel, girls’ hostel and messes for both the hostels were in different places. With TAPMI moving into an integrated mega campus soon, i guess the ranking will certainly improve.

    Did it help?? 😀

  4. Thanks HRS
    YES it DID HELP.. (the last line on both the points esp).. kudos to hitting the hammer on the nail…

    @“sense of humor” yaa wud need to build on it…

    i am not sure if blogs are the right place to discuss this but
    my only conern is @24 i can afford one more shot at CAT.. but keeping pragmatic hopes.. i aim at the likes of IMT ghzbd,NITIE for cat 08.. I am not much bothered abt few extra lakhs but the brand value in industry of the clg I do my MBA from hence a bit undecd…. to take the final call from TAPMI this year or not ..

    an early reply/mail is appreciated and helpful for sure mate

    Also.. pls reply to my query on @mess in TAPMI..

  5. @ Nitesh-

    1. Regarding Brand value of TAPMI, it aint bad. In terms of final placements, the salaries arent very different as far as i know.
    But yes, considering the top 6-8, ie the IIMs, SPJIMR, XLRI etc there is a diffn, needless to say. So you take your call on whether you are ok to forego another year for this. Well, TAPMI too has increased its fee, so i guess you have to shell out a ‘few extra lakhs’ here too. 😉

    2. Mess & Canteen! now you are just like me. I dont know which canteen you are talking about. If it is the one in college, then yes it is good. But the mess is horrible because the guy takes you for granted. You are forced to eat there. In the canteen, he cant afford to do that so it is much better….and costs more, of course 😛

    But there are host of other places you can eat from and food in manipal is very reasonable esp compared to Mumbai. You will soon find out all the joints as the place isnt very big. Once you discover a few, contact me. i will tell you my faves.

    [Manipal is my hometown and i have been there since 1990, FYI!] 😀

  6. oops
    @Manipal is my hometown and i have been there since 1990, FYI!]

    Thanks a Ton mate … it’s not that I have come at a decision as yet evaluating risk/reward.. but yes your inputs are helpful…

  7. @ Nitesh-

    i am not trying to market Manipal of TAPMI. Those were frank opinions.

    Do take second, and if need be, more opinions.

  8. lol.. the exchange between nitesh and hrs sure makes an amusing read!!

    just went through other posts abouts tapmi, have converted both imt-g and tampi,.. have half a mind to go for tapmi..

    i was quite impressed with it in the little time i spent there.. i suppose i capmus aint great.. but the new one seems awesome!!
    the only thing thats preventing tapmi from entering the top ten list, as hrs rightly pointed out, is the capmus and the location.. the former should be sorted out.. location isnt that big a problem.. afterall there is a little known college in a far-off place like jamshedpur, and its doing ok..

    the fees(read roi) might act as a deterrent.. its quite a difference from when you must have passed out..ahh blame it on the inflation..

  9. good post man!!ppl shdnt even consider copying trivial things such as the “theme papers”…immediate termination is possible if got caught..lighter punishment involves getting thrown out of placements n a few book reviews 2 submit 🙂

  10. Hi Hriday,

    All you posts are really good and this ones not an exception. But as a prospective tapmian, this post was definitely not a good read for me.:). Coming from an Engg college where you can actualy get in from front door and get out of the back(if really skillful), and then another 3years of IT service where nobody really cares even if I wear my bermudas on monday morning, the discipline in TAPMI is sending shivers all over me.( Irony being that I was discipline leader in my school). For me the plagiarism part is not a problem, even the mobile is manageable but just out of curiosity – what will happen if you help someone else to copy. (In my college days my friends will make sure that I write my paper fast and keep it on the desk so that it will go for atleast one circulation … lol)


  11. Hey Hriday,

    This is Gitesh from the current batch of TAPMI, you have written really nice posts. All giving an exact picture of things at TAPMI.

    @ Prospective junies -> Take note of all these things, some more will be added to this list when you reach TAPMI. BTW you will not be punished(read thrown outta college) if you are not caught.

  12. @ Balesh-

    Time to implement ur act of being ‘discipline leader’ for real now.

    I understand your concern but there is no getting away from this in TAPMI. As i am fond of saying, “It is not very difficult to get into TAPMI (compared to IIMs etc) but staying inside TAPMI and successfully finishing the course definitely is”

    If you are serious about “allowing” others to copy, please avoid unpacking once you reach TAPMI hostel and keep an open ticket back home readily available in your bermuda pockets 😉

  13. @ Gitesh-

    Thanks, Gitesh, for your generous comment. Hope it helps the future batches of TAPMI to learn from all our mistakes and side-step the same.

    Do get your junies to read the entries, if you think that’s of help to them.

    And i agree with you – you are a criminal only if caught. How else can you swallow the fact that most of our politicians are on the wrong side of the jail bars?? 🙂

  14. This post is sending shivers and what not down my spine there any oder Bskool as strict as TAPMI in india –i wonder..
    Earlier i was planning to work in my company till 30th june, but now seriously considering to take a big gap to relax before a relentless 2 yeared torture .

  15. @ Niti and all other new joinees-

    Life in TAPMI isnt as torturous as you guys seem to infer. Agreed, it is not all that lax as other B-schools but you will have a great time despite the rigor, if you abide by the rules.

    Consider it this way – you can always have a lot of pleasure even when you are “playing safe”, cant you??!! 😉

  16. @Hriday,
    Guess thats a decent enough way to put it. And were you so indifferent and sarcatic from birth or just got it on the way from tapmi. But seriously man, I never had so much enthusiasm to start my own blog but now soon you will see my first few post and for sure you will have a dedication.

    keep up the good work. hope we meet somewhere soon.


  17. While we are on it, let me add something here…
    Recently i was discussing about the strict tapmi rules with one of my
    colleagues and we were on the subject of plagiarism when my colleague who
    happens to be from MDI – a very premier institute put forth one of
    his experiences.
    These people at MDI have the option to go for a study tour to Europe for a certain
    number of months.This colleague of mine had opted for the same and as a part
    of the course had to submit some assignemnt to the university there.To their
    surprise some of them were given a failed rating for their submissions. The
    reason they found out later to be due to thiers having “lifted” “stuff” from
    elsewhere, using them in their assignments and failing to give credits.
    The colleague claimed ignorance to “Rules of referencing” as a reason for this.
    They never had any class at MDI highlighting the issues of
    Plagiarism or is it?? I could attribute this to two possibilities:

    1) The premier college never had a course and class on “Referencing” and issues
    of “plagiarism” OR
    2) The students may have missed the specific class on the above subject..

    The point to note here is that a Tapmian can never “fall” in such a situation
    coz both the above possibilities are not posiible in Tapmi…
    Also explains why 100% attendance and “forcing” is essential at times, doesnt it?

  18. nice !!!
    lenient punishment means ur barred frm placements ehh!!! great!!! and no sharing of assignments either ehh!!! so it means 2 years of real hard work ahead i guess!!! :((

  19. Hi Hriday

    Thanks for the blog and posts!! Its a really good place to talk. And I am really impressed about the way u’re discussing everything in honest and candid way.

    I am jst a little worried about a couple of things wrt TAPMI. They are:

    1. The hike in fees. With fees (+ hostel) going way above the average salary, it doesnt give a good feel. I wonder abt the ROI !!!!

    2. The cancellation procedure !!!! I wonder with AICTE rule of Max deduction of Rs.1000, how is TAPMI still charging such huge amounts? How can they ignore the rules? or are they meant only for students? yeah a little sarcasm 🙂

    3. Location: With someone like me who stayed in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore only, how am I gonno survive there? And how can I forget about my GF? 😦 But on a serious note, i feel its connectivity with the metros is really really poor.

    I am being totally honest ovr here and I dont want to spoil anyones enthu for going to TAPMI. It is most definitely one of the top institutes in the country (do i need to say that?). But still, personally I feel, something is missing. :((

    I am even waiting for Welingkar PGDM results to come out in May. If I get thru, I might go there. Not sure.

  20. @ Amit-

    Glad you like my blog posts and find them honest and candid. Would have been great if you’d reciprocate with equal honesty instead of putting stray sites like and a fake email id. 😉

    Well, to address your concerns in the order of your listing:

    1. The previous batches haven’t had this problem of the fee being greater than the avg salary. If such is the case now, you are definitely right in considering the ROI. It really makes no sense. But on the same note, i have heard that the avg salary has picked up significantly last year.

    2. I have no idea how much TAPMI deducts in case of a cancellation. I admit it is unfair if they are overcharging but you might want to try and find out why.

    3a. Yea, Manipal is no metro but i bet you will have the time of your life there. Manipal is filled with young metropolitans like you, from across the world and the charm of staying in a place ruled by the student community is really different. Perhaps it has no malls and multiplexes but there is no place like Manipal and the thousands of students who have passed out of Manipal will all vouch for it. So Welcome to Manipal. (Manipal is my native, but trust me, that was no advertisement!)

    3b. On a lighter note, you are quite right about “forgetting your GF” after coming to Manipal – you havent seen the Manipal babes yet, have you? 😉

    3c. Connectivity? HA!! ‘The Week’ rated Manipal as the no 1 place in all of india in terms of density of bikes and cell phones. Airtel has customized Manipal plans and there are around 10-12 ATMs in a stretch of 3km. You are seriously ‘disconnected’ from reality right now man. Am sure Manipal will change that. 😀

    3d. Welingkar?!!! No comments! 😉

  21. Hi Hriday

    Thanks for such a great reply !!! 🙂 Which batch of TAPMI r u from? I can see the MS Office skills f urs r good….3a, 3b, 3c 🙂

    Well just to clarify a couple f things….email id isnt fake, try n shoot a mail to me….n is the website i add everywhere as my own, just for fun, (i guess i would be thrown out f tapmi if i do tht ovr thr 🙂 ), anywys wont put it in ur blog.

    regarding some of the points abv…

    2. I wil definitely make sure to enquire why tapmi is doing such a thing later this month. i have already sent a complaint with AICTE and new channels. with the AICTE directives so clear, i cant imagine why tapmi is doing tht (or can i 🙂 ).

    3a. i totally totally agree with you. when i came thr for my interview, every other corner i could see youngsters riding along. i guess i would be able to satisfy my wanderlust thr.

    3b. yeah tapmi babes r awesome. i saw tht with my own eyes (n with dedication) 🙂 but on a heavier note, it will definitely be a little difficult for me to part frm “the one”

    3c. absoutely right….excellent intracity connectivity. but am apprehensive abt intercity connectivity. with the nearest “in” city being goa (with a big proper airport) i wonder if i get a week’s off at tapmi, how much actual time will i get to spend with my family/frnds back home in delhi. plus the placements face a setback too because f this connectivity. i gues u wud agree with me.

    3d. welingkar. i expected this reaction 🙂 nevermind…i am not here to promote one ovr the othr, they r all same for me, jst tht i am one of the many who r in a dilemma abt choosing the best insti. i guess ultimately evrythng comes down to personal choice n tastes cause ntn is good or bad in this world. 🙂

    thnks again man!!

  22. tapmi babes???
    i am sure hriday was referrin to the babes frm Manipal as a whole
    damn got blown over by the number of females i saw at KMC
    damn !!!!! 😀
    awesome blog though!!! scary to say the least but still an excellent read!!!

  23. Hi Hriday,

    came to know about the blog very late.
    Really appreciate the way you have written. Thanks for your efforts.

    I just wanted to comment on a single point. I cant justify a college not coming into the top ranks just because of its location. We can examine cases of XLRI, XIMB, IRMA for the likes…

    I heard from a couple of seniors that TAPMI is really not intersted in marketing themselves and believe in the ethics part which is the reason for not so glamorous ranks.

    Is this true ? Can the student community do something to solve the issues, given the second reason – the new campus is solved.

  24. @ George-

    I liked the way you began your comment with 3 question marks. 😉

    You’re right, i meant Manipal Babes and not Tapmi babes. But then again, the neighbor’s wife is always beautiful.

    When i was in MIT, i was fascinated by KMC babes and when i was in Tapmi, i was fascinated by MIT babes! 😉

  25. @ Abhi-

    I guess you do have a point when you say TAPMI isnt really interested in Marketing itself – one look at the website is proof enough of this.

    In one of my Systems course, i took this as a project along with another pal. We made considerable progress but when we foresaw that we cant achieve completion, we handed it to our junies. Even they were at it for a long time.

    But the website just didnt change. It is still a gloomy blue with jpeg hotspots for links and prehistoric html formats

    So i guess that answers your question about what the student community can do about marketing and branding tapmi better.

    Of course, i wish you luck. You must try.

  26. hehhehh yea
    but then i can check out all the neighbours’ wives at manipal
    be it mit or kmc!!!!!
    just a doubt… do we get oppurtunities to socialize wit these females frm the other side??? or do we have to make our own chances???

  27. @ George-

    “socialize with females frm the other side??”

    you will be lucky to socialize with the ones in your own college, buddy considering the workload. And yes, suppose you make time for such “socializations” you have to make ur own chances.

    TAPMIans are known to be workaholics and thats not a trait that wud make babes from KMC and MIT hit onto TAPMIans. 😦

    But hey, why have you dismissed all the gals of TAPMI already? 😉

  28. @ hriday
    ur question
    “But hey, why have you dismissed all the gals of TAPMI already?”
    u have the answer too…
    TAPMIans are known to be workaholics and thats not a trait that wud make (babes from KMC and MIT) hit onto TAPMIans.
    the part in the brackets cud be modified right???
    yea but still keepin my fingers crossed!!!! 😀

  29. @ George-

    Chances are that your fingers will stay crossed in this aspect cos by the time u decide to uncross them, you wud be in “Theme 5”. So enjoi! ATB 🙂

  30. @ hriday
    thanks for the encouragement boss 😀
    hehhhehh looks like half my high hopes are gone
    now only the cheap liquor part is remaining!!!

  31. hey hriday,

    I believe the maintenance of the website is to be done by professionals from the industry as a paid service.

    How is the support from the management during placements ?

    Like all the latest B-schools have wi-fi as a must feature –
    International exposure etc. what are the prospects of TAPMI to achieve these landmarks which the ranking guys rate with TAPMI moving to the new campus ?

  32. @ Abhi-

    Frankly buddy, you got too many doubts and some of your questions sound like you are out to rattle the entire mgmt system at TAPMI.

    How on earth am i supposed to know the chances of TAPMI rolling out wi-fi and international exposure (watever u meant by that) and the impact it has on the ranking guys? I am neither in the TAPMI mgmt that decides these things nor in the ranking team. You dont expect me to get into their head’s (if at all they have one!) and give u that ans, do u? 😉

    What do you mean by “support from mgmt during placements”? Placements are arranged and carried out entirely by Placecom – a student committee. As in all other colleges in the world, Mgmt only enables placements, you dont get any “support”. You got to support yourself. Yes, they provide you with chairs for sitting while answering the interviewer’s questions 😀

  33. Well Haldiram howz u man……….nice post and a good disco…….Well i guess after Moses u r planning to keep up the good work………… something for the 2009-11 batch as well…….

  34. Hi there!

    Great discussions going on here…needless to say am an aspirer too and like most of us, have some unanswered questions of mine:

    I get it that ppl there are strict about following the rules….my question is, does it make sense to follow these rules? I mean, are there any “rules” like…be inside hostel by 11 pm…or intermingling of gals and guys, even for projects is a federal offence.. etc….. I think you get the idea..


    1. @Carolus- there isnt much of moral policing if that’s your question. But yea there are deadlines for hostel entry. And some profs are very strict about late-coming to class etc, even by a min. 😉

  35. Hey Buddy,
    Thanks for putting stuffs for our insight.
    Before I say somethin’ I wanna let you know the kinda person I am.
    I don’t follow rules ‘coz I believe if I ain’t make mistakes I won’t learn.
    Now what I wanna say, College is a learning platform, a place people can explore not get tied up with heavy chains of rules. Many rules are logical “agreed!” but it shouldn’t be imposed instead explained logically to the students, make ’em understand the value and if they still don’t care they’re jus rich kids, wasting their fathers’ money. A guy who has really really worked to get into management school will know the importance. He/she is an ADULT. I wanna say to the INDIAN SCHOOLS stop treating people like sheep, start treating US the way we don’t spend most of the time blaming how our colleges have made our lives miserable, instead create that time into value adding exploring thing, know how can we manage stuffs ourselves, new ideas new techniques to grow better, smarter, superior moreover OUR way not THEIR way. And so the same share with our community that also includes THE college. After all, new ideas don’t come under tied golden chains or throat under sword. isn’t it? Many thing I can’t share in the place I wanna share in, at least am sharin’ somewhere jus lemme know what you think. Don’t call me a rebel ‘coz I know that already. But better prefer to be called as a revolutionary. 😉
    And lastly an FYI, check out my blog (Flamin’ Icicle)… “If you want to!” 🙂

    1. @La Cleora – your observations are interesting. But just for the sake of argument …..

      You are right in saying that no one blames colleges if things go wrong. But u must realize that institutions, like parents, do feel responsible if things go wrong with their wards. I am not advocating that all schools be rigid even at b-school levels. But not all things US are great.

      If college is a learning platform as you say, i dont see any reason why students shouldnt learn obedience, discipline and the like??? 😉 And if by being ADULTS, if one can’t abide
      by rules and discipline, how is that Adult any different from a teenager??

      That apart, you must also remember that the entries i posted are quite outdated and TAPMI has indeed changed – mgmt and infrastructure wise. This particular entry was actually handed down orally by seniors during our induction and i just decided to publish it to save everyone the effort.

      Regarding rebel/revolutionary – well i wont comment cos you already are very convinced what you are! 🙂 I only hope your motives behind such rebellion/revolution are as certain. 🙂

      Lastly regarding your blog, Flamin’ Icicle – i admit that was the best part of your comment 🙂 Really nice paintings. But did u also post another comment under the name Carolus Magnum? I noticed the same painting there too

      PS: Tell me this, are u a prospective TAPMIan, casual reader of blogs or just advertising ur various blogs?? 😉 Am curious

      1. Well after wait quite a long I lost hope you gonna reply… So 1st Thanks for your reply… hmm, regard last two paras of your reply…

        felinesmile isn’t my blog rather that another person we couple up under the name of outlines of shades, we share some of our artistry together. hence you may have seen couple of same post in 2 diff blogs.

        Well, now pickin’ up the last para….

        I gave CAT’09 and also filled form for TAPMI… while going around reviews and FAQs around internet before going for GD/PI… I came acquainted with couple of your blog posts… so I commented…

        about that being Blog Advertiser… Good things fly without any advertisement… aint it 😉
        but sometimes being polite is taken otherwise….

        I hope all above answered your curiousity… have a good future. 🙂

  36. Gentlemen!

    Comment coming in late but is very relevant:

    ‘Ladies’ or ‘young women’ is the way to address your fellow TAPMIans/Manipalites.

    Not ‘females’ or ‘babes’.

    Yes this is just another blog but that does not make it okay to refer to people as … whatever. Did you ever hear yourself referred to as “Those fellows” by these young women?!

    1. @Bina – Firstly, thanks for going thru 40 odd comments! I understand your ‘feminine sentiments’ are wounded – and pardon my saying – but this blog or the comments herein don’t claim to be an example for the appropriate way to address women or any other form of rectitude.

      The opinions are expressed casually and you know as well as i that men do address women as females or babes so let’s not deny it. The terms were certainly not meant in a derogatory sense – fortunately or un, these terms are in vogue and that is what you see reflected here.

      PS: You might be interested in one of my entries titled, “Is the sky bluer or the grass greener?” 😉 Just a guess! 🙂

  37. As far as I know placement has really changed as well as the campus…..but dont know abt the descipline/strictness in the campus…and it wud b really helpfull if someone give some update abt it….my email id is

    1. @Deepro – you are right. The blog post was written some years ago and it is not indicative anymore.

  38. Planning to join tapmi this year, so while searching in and out about Tapmi got this Blogs, yes after 3 years of blog being unnoticed i still find it interesting.
    Is someone still active here?
    and here comes the biggest question Howz TAPMI Now?

    1. Hi Vaibhav. The observations on this blog are not current and there have been a lot of changes since i passed out in 2007. Regarding your question on ‘Howz TAPMI Now?’ – well, that’s a very broad question and it would help to refine your question.

  39. Wow. Even though the post is outdated, it feels great to read about TAPMI.
    I will be joining the batch of 2017-19.
    The points mentioned above regarding 100% attendance, plagarism all hold true.

    Some updates I would like to mention:
    – A 42 acre new residential state-of-the-art campus has been constructed.
    – Fees for PGDM is 14 lakhs (incl. hostel)
    – Avg. package as of last year is 10.05 lakhs.
    – TAPMI has renewed it’s AACSB accreditation (pls Google it) in 2017

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