For Madguys only. (Gals are obviously included!) :P

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It happened last night when I was checking my blog stats. I was surprised to see the steep rise in the number of hits and a quick check on incoming URLs revealed that some enthusiastic and benevolent yet-to-be TAPMIan had stumbled upon my blog and posted the link on Pagalguy. (For the non B-Schoolers, this is a forum which every B-School aspirant blindly joins to discuss things like final placements and average salaries even before (s)he has learnt to spell the word ‘Management’) 🙂

Well, to state the obvious, I was quite amused to note that this guy found my blog ‘cool’ and worth recommending. Not so amusing was the fact that he had chosen to mask my name by using ‘TAPMI alumini’ (is it some kinda small potato that I haven’t yet heard of? 😛 ). Even the displayed URL of my blog was inaccurate but the hyperlink was fortunately right.

To prove my suspicion right, most of the yet-to-be’s were reading my entries on placements, Homecoming, placement interview tips and even the Grand Scam. There were not many takers for hostel life or Life at TAPMI.

This has awoken my entrepreneurial skills that I inhaled while at TAPMI. I can boast of having attended (and slept through, hence the word ‘inhaled’) more ‘New Venture Creation’ classes than any other chap who opted that course. So I have decided to implement it and put it to good use by continuing to write entries on various facets of TAPMI life and shine a torch in the path of the yet-to-be’s before they enter the dragon’s den 😛

So dear yet-to-be’s, you can expect me to post on some exceedingly important aspects of TAPMI Life – like romance in college, places to hang-out in Manipal (with pics!), weekend vacation spots etc. No, don’t snigger. Once you join, you will realize how important they are cos you will hardly be having any of them. And I put in the etc bit as an added precaution so that I don’t scare the hell out of you – the list is much longer actually. Hee hee, my turn to snigger 😉

Of course, you can comment on what aspects you would want more information on and I will do my best to be frank and at the same time not petrify you. So lemme know. 🙂


PS: And just to lend credibility to the claims made above, I post here a brief bio of myself, quite unlike what you might have noticed here. I passed out of TAPMI in 2007 and missed all the 5 gold medals because, for some reason, there weren’t any awarded for topping mess bills, snoring loudest in classes, attending all extra-curricular events, delegating all the group work and going on a date with the pretty girls of the batch. I specialized in marketing and systems because I was intelligent enough to give up on Finance, Operations and HR very early on. My most significant achievement in TAPMI is that I stood 1st in the annual inter B-School business plan competition. And hey, I can’t help it if the rest of the participants didn’t turn up.

Hope that is credible enough. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “For Madguys only. (Gals are obviously included!) :P

  1. hey dude i detest the fact that any outsiders are let into the sacred tapmi inner circle……………i swear by the godfather that omerta be better maintained……………isnt there a way to let only tapmians read ur blog……………heheh

  2. needless 2 say the junies will benefit from this but plz dont divulge details abt our flagship event (read: episode)

    p.s i am in litcom 🙂

  3. @ameya-

    Litcom! Well i was in Litcom too for 2 yrs.

    So you post my link on pagalguy and i will publicize Litcom here on my blog and also Episode.

    What say? Sounds win-win?? 🙂

  4. Hey enough of fighting those Litcom wars. But your blog gives me lot of time pass dude. Especially if MIP is boring like mine. [:P]

  5. I have had real fun reading your blog, it provides a great means to know about life in TAPMI for junies 08-10 like me. Especially when the pg thread of Life @ TAPMI is dead and buried.

    Thanks, expecting More (will assure you of more hits)

  6. hey HRS..

    Good one.. agree to most of your points from my 2 day exp at TAPMI and interaction with few folks der.. apart from mess stuff the Canteen was really fine the stuff was better than I have seen in Canteens here in Mumbai… was it a 2 day off taht the original chef took ..?

  7. Hi Hriday,

    This post – well! Better late than never, .. I happen to be the newbie who accidently stumbled upon your post.(and who never bothered to check back until now). I was searching for everything even remotely related to the five letters TAPMI soon after confirming the call. Nice to see my pagalguy post in your blog. And here too when I look back, last year during the interview at GIM, the panel asked me -“whats unique about you”?, and my stupidest reply in my life time (till now) was that “I am just a normal person and not the ones you see in pagalguy and I believe that makes me unique”. well I suppose thats when they found that I am total nuts and threw me out.


    PS: Sorry for not mentioning your name in that post. but for what I am planning to do next, I hope your blog hits will just skyrocket. ATB dude.

  8. @ Balesh-

    Glad that you like my posts. If you minus the subtle sarcasm that i often use, you are left with the truth.

    A few of your seniors currently in second year have commented on my entries and you might want to read them.

    Thanks for putting up my link (along with my name this time 😉 )
    in your orkut group.

    Hope my observations, collective batch experiences etc helps your batch mates.

    All of you are free to suggest topics that you would want me to write on.

    Wishing your batch a great time at TAPMI.


  9. Hey Hriday…

    It has been gr8 reading ur blog, been reading it regularly…although being a projjie, “grandscam” almost killed me!! seriously!!

    neways, i agree 110% with gadiyaar… evryone seems to get possessive bout life@tapmi… i certainly have… wonder y does it happen??

    Manish Vidhani
    Class of 2008

  10. arey Guru, purrfect description, except for 1 MAJOR flaw… a factual error:

    You were hardly in the competition when it came to sleeping thru the classes of the most boring lectures of “New Venture Creation”… Pervy and I were the kings here.. we have successfully bunked (yea, even in TAPMI) more than 75% classes (i was sleeping in the room at these times) and slept through ALL the rest (even the first class)!!! prolly u were the 3rd in rank, having slept after attending all classes…

  11. @ Sazeal-

    You might want to notice my sentence more carefully:

    “I can boast of having attended (and slept through….”

    so its about having attended AND then sleeping in em. Of course nowhere close to the masterly competence you had cultivated in bunking and sleeping but no major flaw or factual error there. 😉

    And hey bad boy, dont u know the prospective 08-10 batch is reading every word of what i write? Don’t ssssssssset bad examples, mr sssssssssshah! 😛 😛 😛 😉

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