Barb’e’ric measures

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A few months ago, one of my friends spent Rs 5K to get his hair styled like Dhoni. When he got subtle signs from his peer group that he looked more like Symonds instead, he spent Rs 3K (from some other ‘cheaper’ hair-stylist) to get his hair done like Saif – short and spiky. But when no Kareena came his way, he decided that nothing gave him the satisfaction of the Rs 30 haircut and is currently looking very much like himself.

It has been my desire to grow shoulder-length hair for a long time now. I took a liking for long hair while I was still a teenager. But then, the only person permitted to have long hair at home was mom. Who said so? Well, mom said so and it would be quite a hair-raising endeavor for both me and dad to gainsay such decrees.

I then went to a boys-only boarding school run by a Hindu missionary institution. There was an in-house hair cutting salon and the barber came every Wednesday morning. The uniform included the hairstyle as well – we got exactly similar haircuts. We all looked so similar that we finally realized that there is no point in gazing into the mirror –looking at anyone in the school would do just fine.

When I joined engineering I left my hair short for precisely the opposite reason. Every one in college had long hair and I was not in a mood for a re-run of my boarding school experience. Of course, some fantastic subjects also helped me keep my hair short and trim – Maths 1, Maths 2, Fields and Waves, Electronic Circuits, Linear Digital Control Systems and how can I forget, Signals and Systems! I was on the verge of growing bald but thankfully, the course ended.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire – from engineering to MBA! I have already written a detailed entry on this experience and I dare not recall them. I am also trying to type away frantically so that I keep my hands busy and not take them anywhere close to my hair inadvertently because I am sure I will feel like plucking them out. Nooooooooo, I don’t want to think of the mess or non-existent tea!!!!

Now that I stay alone away from my mom, with no uniforms to abide by, without having to worry about brain-numbing subjects and Lakshmee, my cook, providing me with excellent meals, I am planning a change in hair-do.


Yes, like the one in the pic above, what say? For one, I have already told you of my singlehood despite my amazing talents. This coupled with the fact that marriage is looming large ‘on my head’ has encouraged me to grow my hair long because good, homely Konkani gals, I am told, have “very few” expectations. Long hair is certainly not one among them. (They only want a decent, good looking, hard-working, onsite based, 7-digit salary earning, non-alcoholic, expert at cooking/washing/baby-sitting software professional! How down-to-earth!) This has increased my resolve and added to my motivation to grow long hair. (This paragraph will be deleted when I am close to getting married. 😛 )

So what say readers?


PS: To get a hair-do like the one i am sporting in the snap, check out Taaz.

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10 thoughts on “Barb’e’ric measures

  1. Nice read and an even nicer pic :-)))
    Boy, doesnt that site have everything ?? amazing stuff for the gurls :-))) mz stuck with it since last night 😉

  2. hey nice article,humorous especially the last part,by the way even i had this long hair thing in my mind…Like Kunal Khemmu’s hair style,u should like that too,wat u say?

  3. Jeez…4 thoughts on this…
    The universe thanks you for having your default (right now) and later hairstyles in the right order/priority….

    We should exchange notes/hair strands or a few pounds on similar hair-raising or rather pound-dropping theories I have about my weight as you do about your hairstyles………

    So what happens if you having long hair actually makes you more appealing to a nice Konkani gal who is say an Agassi/Dhoni fan….

    And last but not the least when you do decide you want to get married, the pic has gotto go along with the para and the paraphernalia [ the single male’s version of it ]………..

  4. U’d better not have one of ur prospective ‘konkani gals’ read the last para !! nice post…laughing my way thru it 🙂

  5. @ all the respondents above

    Will anyone please care to give me the feedback i really want – should i go for the hair cut or not??????

    (PS: If you say its yuck, i am going for it so that i can delay the marriage, and vice versa, so pls choose ur comments well 😉 )


    Ah! am i glad to see ur comment! how many hours did u plan for writing that comment??? 😉

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