Last minute tips…if you haven’t had enough already!


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Hello folks-

As promised, here is an entry that is a compilation of opinions, suggestions, gyan, do’s and don’ts from some people who cared to respond. All things mentioned below are opinions of the respective people and I have nothing to do with any of them. The spelling errors and incorrect grammar is also part of the contributors’ ‘original work’; the text is provided as-is. Do give it a reading and then use your diligence to see what may work for you. I have given a few indicative headers to each of the contributions just to give you an idea of what is coming. All the best!!!!



HR ma’am says:

  1. Collate a ready reference of current affairs, management fundamentals, important HR terms, conversational topics (current trends in the market – HR trends, retail boom, etc). My HR interview was more of a conversation with the interviewer and it called for up-to-date information.
  2. Don’t attend a whole host of GDs the previous day. Focus on key companies and limit yourself to these. There is a temptation to “keep your options open”, I would say “DON’T”.
  3. If asked about location preference during the interview and you do have a preference, don’t hesitate to share it with the interviewer. Most companies are willing to look at it.
  4. HRD reviews (found in the library) are excellent to get a sniff of the pain points faced by companies today.
  5. Prepare your introduction and other standard questions. Frame them carefully and write it down if needed.
  6. Aim for selected profiles and make sure you customize your preparation for these profiles/companies.

-Kala Kumar, Infosys Leadership Institute, Batch 05-07


Do you still know what you did last summer?

  • Do read and understand your CV. Every word counts!
  • Do understand some acad projects you have done.
  • Do remember what u did last summer (MIP only ;))

-Artee Hazari, Batch 05-07


Beyond GDs and Interviews:

Please be clear about the sector that you want to get into. Look for the job, and not a job. Once you are sure of what sector you want to get into, please pitch in aggressively for it.

Don’t bother about the GDs and interviews too much; even if you don’t clear them on placement day, please go all-out to meet them and convince them about your interest in their kind of profile.

From my experience, I can vouch that companies are greatly impressed by people who they think would genuinely want to get into their company.

-Sukomal Ray, Infosys BPO, Batch 05-07


Attitude is everything:

First and foremost, exercise due diligence while rating your list of top companies. Next comes the Group discussion. If you don’t make points, chances of your getting selected are obviously minimal. Then comes the interview. And I can say only from the perspective of IT companies as I got recruited into it myself- the key to an interview is for you to hold it and steer it. As long as the ball is in your court, all is fine. In case you lose it, just be honest. Do not use management jargons that you really don’t know yourself. There is no other way of cracking it.

Basic preparations are necessary and some kind of basic knowledge does need to get displayed. Try to justify things in your CV.

Remember: A bad attitude gets detected more easily than lack of content!

-Aarathi Ramnath, Wipro Technologies, Batch 2004-06 (Placecom)



Do’s, Don’t’s and everything else:

  • I was grilled on my MIP for around 90% of the interview [My MIP in AMUL matched with the job profile offered to me by INFY).
  • Look at the job profile and not the CTC (Money you’ll get anywayz!)
  • INFP people shouldn’t venture into Sales profile 😉
  • Don’t hesitate to clear all your doubts regarding the job being offered.
  • Don’t spoil others’ chances by appearing in GD/PIs of companies which are lower on your preference list. Team work pays!!

-Jagat Jyoti Saikia, Infosys Technologies, Batch 05-07


With a pinch of salt….no, make that a bucketful!

Tips for GDs

1.)CARPET BOMBING: Company ppts are bullshit, they are immensely misleading. Don’t waste your time attending ppts on the GD day. Maximize your “time efficiency” and attend as many GDs you can. Do not restrict yourself to a few “select” companies of “your choice”; attend as many GDs as possible.

2.) DEATH MATCH: It’s a war zone in most of the GDs. So don’t be a sissy and run around waving a dove flag asking for “world peace”. If somebody is hogging the GDs, rip them apart. Pick holes in their argument, confound them with insane numbers/ percentages/ statistics (The rationality of your argument is secondary). After all it’s either you or them in a war.

3.) SURPRISE SURPRISE! If you cannot do any of the above two, then do this. If you can do all three, then you are the GOD!! Basically surprise the GD moderator by doing something totally unconventional (Pick up the marker, go to the board and start explaining a flow chart OR Involve people who are arguing in your favor and do an impromptu role play, to further drive home your argument and also to display your “leadership skills” OR ask the company representatives, who are moderating the GD, what THEY think about the topic…you get the picture right?). This thing also works wonderfully during your interview!!

Tips for Interview

1.) MATCH-STICK MEN (or Women or in-between or whatever, so I am gender biased…big deal!! sue me!!): Dust your MIP reports and your work-ex details. Your interviewers are usually suckers for these two (just like we are suckers for any company that offers a role with the words “investment/strategy/ strategic” in it!!). Anyway plan all the bluffs you can pull of on your MIP/ Work-ex carefully. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate and boast. If you have rearranged office furniture in your previous company/ MIP, say that you were “instrumental in re-engineering the process flow of the company to achieve 6% improvement in productivity”. Whatever con-job you plan to pull off, be confident and speak out that’s all.

2.) IF YOU CAN’T CONVINCE THEM, CONFUSE THEM: No explanations needed here. Just remember this if you run into rough weather during your interview

Ah well anyway, seriously people, I have only one thing to say all of you “Just Go Talk…” (Don’t shout, it’s very tempting to do so in GDs, but don’t ;)). GDs and interviews are nothing to be afraid of. All you have to do is “JUST GO AND TALK”. Even if you say something wrong, people will appreciate you for voicing your views, that’s all that matters!!

These extreme views are my personal ones, and I stand by them, faithfully and unconditionally!







2 thoughts on “Last minute tips…if you haven’t had enough already!

  1. Nice one Hriday…

    Placement is like the Matrix I feel… how much ever gyaan we people give it’s the junies (NEOs!) who’ll have to be a part of it to know what it’s all about 🙂

    I still remember how much tensed we all were on the D-day…

    Good luck to the junies and hoping to see some of them in Infy as well!!


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