The Return of Boo Radley

If people who are fond of traveling and outdoors are called ‘Adventurers’, then I am very much an ‘Inventurer’. I love my room. Being a very indoor guy, I always like staying within the 4 walls of my nest. I take great pleasure in decorating it and equipping myself with all the luxuries and comforts within the confines of my room. Well, I actually can’t say that because I don’t think my room ‘confines’ me. In fact, it is anything but that.

I am at my creative best while I am in my room. My productivity (no biological pun intended) and efficiency graphs sky-rocket while I am in my room as I carefully plan my time and ration it on the various activities I would like to involve myself in, within the cozy comfort of my room.

For one, I am an organization freak – I want my things and belongings in the right place. I want my room spic and span and I spend considerable time in maintaining it that way. This is because, I think it is only cleanliness and orderliness that adds charm to the room. Without it, no matter what else you have, it is always found lacking. As Hercule Poirot would have put it, ‘order and method, mon ami’.

I can go on to tell you about how I enjoy the rainfall on the terrace, the cool night breeze or the marvelous view of the moon I have from my room. Yes I do and I very much enjoy that. Those have been the eternal themes of introverted indoorists like me. What I am toying with, is the idea of experiencing all the outdoor activities without so much as stepping out of my room. And I think it is very much possible; at least one can get very close.

Let me list down a few things that most average outdoorist would indulge in – shopping, meeting friends, partying, games, dating, movies, traveling and eating out. I haven’t included rock climbing and skiing as, at the very outset of the previous sentence, I carefully chose to include the phrase, ‘average outdoorist’ 😉

Shopping, to me is a bore chore. I now shop online using e-catalogues and credit cards. I have saved time, saved energy, cut down on a chore and still managed to achieve the same result as an outdoorist at the end. It is not very much out of context to mention here that 90% of the outdoorist are anyways flirting outside malls and hardly making any purchases- Forum in Bangalore is a fantastic example. I don’t have to wait in long queues to pay – instead I get it door-delivered for free!

I meet all my friends on Orkut, Facebook and sometimes, Gtalk or Skype voice chat. The element of serendipity adds to the pleasure of meeting friends unlike the planned meets of an outdoorist. And since I am in virtual space, I can time-share my attention to various friends in different geog locations – far better and effective than meeting some one at a joint which claims, ‘A lot can happen over coffee’. The only thing that has happened to me after attending this joint is that I have always felt lighter – in my wallet.

Partying was the impregnable stronghold of the outdoorist – until Second Life came along. Now all the disco and rave parties of the outdoorist pales in front of the Second Life parties. Be it rock shows or rave parties, it is all there. You can attend it, organize it or ignore it. And it is there each day somewhere or the other. You don’t have to climb ’13 Floors’ to get there – one mouse-click is all it takes!

Nothing can replace the back yard games with friends perhaps. But imagine your childhood friends currently scattered across the globe. Or better still, if you are a serious gamer, say a scrabble player, you will always have to graduate on to better levels. And online gaming is your best bet in meeting a worthier competitor.

If I elaborate on Google Earth/Sky, Flickr, 70mm and the likes, you guys would ultimately comment that I am only glorifying virtual reality and online inhabitation. You would be right. But I very much believe that all these have brought the pleasures of the outdoors to your very fingertips and in some cases improved on them. Their appeal and realism is overwhelming.

So if Boo Radley (those who don’t know who he is, please click here) were to be back, Scout Finch wouldn’t have such negative notions about him. In fact, most of us are rapidly becoming Boo Radleys and I for one am very much enjoying being one. I suggest you try it too. 😉


4 thoughts on “The Return of Boo Radley

  1. hey ram…(isn’t this what Gandhi said b4 dying)
    dude, Boo Radleys will be offering a plethora of business opportunities man…Think about it
    Lets get some ideas together and make something happen
    not for them but for us at least 😉

  2. he he…grt stuff…especially liked the linking with boo radley…and whether we like it or not all of us r trutly turning into boo radleys…

  3. Well, I think all of us are Boo Radleys in some way these days.

    But there is so much more that the outside world has to offer to us. I would love to be an outsider 🙂

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