Blore bores

Bangalore. A city that is teeming with more software coolies than fleas on a scruffy dog skin; a city which has created a buzz in the IT world with cutting edge software – and Phaneesh Murthy; a city that is generating ever increasing opportunities for employment – and pollution; a city whose impact on the nation’s economy is so prominent that the biggest pothole on one of its main road dwarfs in comparison. The list of achievements that can be attributed to this city is seemingly endless – perhaps not as endless as the traffic jam hold ups.

There are several interesting personalities who chose to make Bangalore their homes and have derived inspiration from the city’s carbon monoxide levels. The city’s ways have a direct bearing on the career, approach and lifestyle of these people. Take for example the captain of the Indian Cricket team. Just when his career seems to emerge from one bottomless pothole, he slips into another. Too much driving on Bangalore roads and one actually begins to develop a certain fascination for the roller-coaster rides.

The monsoon of Bangalore has fans galore. One wannabe starlet, who was into playback singing, took so much liking for the pitter-patter that she began her Bollywood career with a film that had to do with weddings in monsoon. And just like Bangalore rains, her stint was quite insignificant and short lived. Of course, she had no steamy rain dance in sopping clothes, thanks to her Bangalorean diet. But the movie did put a ‘wet blanket’ on her singing career as well. This actually was an eye-opener to all environmentalists who, after intensely studying the effects of acid rain, came to the conclusion that it can also corrode Taj Mahal. And having realized the enormity of her contribution in this field, the singer turned actress has now turned –yes, you guessed it – environmentalist!

Then there is the bad boy of badminton. His list of achievements and remarkable attributes has just ‘shuttled’ skywards – with his daughter entering the glam world. With the whole of Bangalore eying her, his inspiration seems to be the perpetually red traffic signal on the roads of Bangalore. And rumor has it that she is painting the town red with her Levi’s ad. Papa baddy has not the ‘guts’ to restrict her as it looks like her income from this ad is significantly more than the sum total earned by him in his entire career. Looks like a cool combination there – a red hot daughter and a red-faced papa!

And last but least, how can we forget the czar of technology? The man who is responsible for the biggest name in the IT industry today, along with the biggest chain of pay-and-use public toilets. The inspiration behind this incredible combination is surely the government run buses of Bangalore – which have technically advanced systems that control the door operations and stink like hell at the same time. This is because not many software engineers have the luxury of taking a bath everyday. There were talks that this IT czar had plans of increasing the work hours even further. This information ‘leaked’ in the toilet chains and soon the techies came out with a counter-combat plan – they nominated him for the President’s post, the most toothless post in the whole of India!

Truly, one does get addicted to the lifestyle of Bangalore. You never know, the next revolution might be inspired by pot-bellied police officers who fine you for all the laws they are not quite aware of!


3 thoughts on “Blore bores

  1. dude check out some serious typos like ” buzz in buzz” and “Levi levi’s”.

    But otherwise a good article. had a nice time reading it. the humour has been built up pretty well. especially loved the one on IT czar

  2. Dude, good going! loved reading this! Wat really makes Bangalore proud is what you’ve listed here….including the IT czar! But the humor has been very actively brought out 🙂

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