Clothesline clips and ’20 rupees saar’

A cozy yet not-so-lazy Sat morning. My maid arrived at her usual 8 am time and asked me in her Hubli-accented Kannada if i have, for some reason, decided to keep the clothesline clips elsewhere instead of its regular place near the washing stone outside my room. On hearing my ‘No’ she retorted:

“It is that guy staying downstairs- he once used your clips. And ever since they haven’t come back”.

“Did you ask him about it?”, I inquired.

“Yes i did. He said he has already returned it. So i wanted to confirm it with you.”

I went over to the place where i had kept the clips. The cover which i had preserved in tact, was found discarded nearby. I picked it up and noticed that the number on the pack read 12 . I checked the clip case and saw only 3 in them. I then checked out the price – Rs 20.

So my esteemed neighbor’s loot was 9 clips costing Rs 15 – a paltry amount.

I was outraged – for his impudence at picking my things without my consent and then having the temerity to lie about it. I resisted the immediate temptation to go and ask him about it and instead, decided to figure out why a decently paid, software sector employed, father-of-one would want to adopt such a severe method of ‘economizing’. I drew a blank there. Beats me. If i knew, i would have probably been practicing it myself. So i thought better not to know it.

Then i thought of the best possible reaction i could display to this non-event. Knock on his door and ask him about it? Ignore it? Gift wrap a similar set of clips and leave it at his doorstep? I am still wondering – and open to more options – as i am typing away this blog.

It just occurred to me that he can never use his prized possession ever again as we have the same maid. The moment he hands it over to her, his game is over. His wife might perhaps use it to hang her bras and panties in the bathroom – but 9 clips?!!!

It is not the value of the stolen item that is vexing me – it is the practice; the practice of unhesitatingly demanding and taking what is rightfully someone else’s.

I feel the same ire when the auto driver asks for an extra on the metered fare. What normally takes Rs 12, the minimum fare in Bangalore city, is almost always Rs 20.

“20 rupees saar, it is already 9:15 PM…after all i am asking wonly 8 rupees extra”.

Nothing irritates me more than improper justification of what i deem wrongful. At this point i am tempted to write on the auto drivers of Electronics City and their ‘Union’ that entitles them to charge a full 250% on the minimum metered fare but i think i should ‘honor’ them with a full blog entry. After all, people who expect 250% extra will not be satisfied with anything lesser, i assume.

Coming back to the clothesline incident, i am still figuring out what to do. Mom says forget it.

I dont intend to commit any malicious acts myself but looking him in the eye with that ‘i -know-u-did-it’ look sounds exciting to me.

What do you guys think i should do?? Please comment.


17 thoughts on “Clothesline clips and ’20 rupees saar’

  1. I did think for sometime and my thoughts are , Innocence is fine but in this case your neighbor does not deserve any pardon. The Rs 15 loot has to be reported(DAD D) and Mr Hriday is for one to remain the lawful owner of his buy, there is also a reason of argument and both the parties need to be satisfied about who is the rightful owner of such a priced possession.

    Prem Saldanha

  2. The best way to deal with such situations is to build a rapport with these people and grab an invitation to any of their family parties where u can present them a gift properly wrapped carrying a label saying –
    “Ur buffer reduces my anxiety”

  3. dude the first question is, is his wife hot? i mean if she is then forgive him man…use this surreptitious relationship that he is tryin to build wid ya for the greater good in life. For your good man (nigger style πŸ˜‰ )
    Forgiveness is the greatest sin, but if done for a good return; boy who cares πŸ™‚

  4. i think u should jus forget the incident and move on , if this neighbour of yours tries to do the same nasty tricks again THEN u need 2 walk to him and speak out rite on his face , i think that would be the best way 2 deal with this situation , remember forgiveness always pays!!! NOW that doesnt mean that everybody can take u for granted , isnt that rite , Hriday?

  5. hey man, grt frst post…typical HRS style, uninhibited to the core…abt the solution to ur problem i tend to thnk along the lines of parvesh…her’s ur godsend opportunity man…grab it…

  6. dude i think your neighbour is a man to be worshipped. he has managed to convince his wife to try some kinky sexual stuff like using those clips for….u know wat…hehe(BDSM) at its best eh………in anycase i think its the first time in your life someone has managed to extract money from u………… cheers

  7. I picked it up and found that the pack stated that there were 12 clips


    I picked it up and noticed the pack read ‘there are 12 clips

    hmmm plain english lessons to indian students

    Sorry for being such an arse, just guiding you towards the right path


  8. Its the maid who took it man. It’s always the maid/servant whose done it, like in the movies. She knows quite well that you wouldn’t go asking your neighbor for some clips. She rubs her hands in glee and walks back Kevin-Spacey-like(Usual Suspects) home with a victorious glint in her eye.

  9. Hi Hriday,
    I have gone thru the same situation , its only that in my case my Landlord and family go on disspearing clips. I can’t even complain to the cops :becos my bloody landlord is a Police officer himself :(.

    So the best thing would be to find out how ur neighbours wife looks like : u can then probably speak to her and find out how many clips she will need exactly.

  10. In response to comment 10 above-

    Thank you very much. Though i am not wrong, I admit your way of putting it is much better than mine. I have changed the sentence accordingly.

    Glad you pointed out. Thanks for your ‘plain english lessons to this indian student’ πŸ˜‰

    your comments are always welcome.

  11. Dude….I was recommended to read your blog by a common friend Mr Prem Saldanha. I had the privilege of reading this article and found it hilarious. I like your style of penning (actually typing) down thoughts….nice….anyways…

    Since you asked for suggestions..I am willing to add my bit…

    Well …first things first…desi log kabhi nahi sudhrenge….so forget about that….secondly…if you had to get your pride back….send him an anonymous gift (lingerie) for his wife….and add a footnote….” I think these will go well…with or without clips”…

    PS….do not involve your mom in this !! LOL..

    Cheers mate..


  12. One suggestion: “Choose your battles”. Why fight over clips? Wait for something bigger (and better) to happen, it will give you more ammunition (and evidence) against him.
    It could be the maid stealing your clips. Don’t rule out that option either…

  13. Ah! The neighbour in question can’t anyway use those clips to hang laundry on the clothesline…n there, u come up with an alternate use!!! hahah

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